Location and Facilities

The Kube Publishing office and warehouse is based outside of Leicestershire, UK

Kube Publishing Ltd
MCC Ratby Lane
LE67 9SY
Tel: +44 (0)1530 249 230
Fax: +44 (0)1530 249 656
Email: info@kubepublishing.com


We have a bookshop on site that is fully stocked with our new and old works, along with an extensive range of other publishers titles. We welcome trade visits from customers who want to browse the books available.  However, please call in advance if you would like to book an appointment with a member of our sales team.

The bookshop opening times are:

  • From Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm
  • Saturday, open for groups or advance bookings (call to arrange)


The Kube warehouse is approximately 2000 sq ft, and is home to over  2000 unique titles and 100 000 books in total! It is ideally located next to the M1, and has access via a shutter for large orders.


Additional on-site facilities


A stylish modern well facilitated Mosque, with a sisters section, car park and wudu facilities. Classes, fundraising and lectures are held regularly at the Mosque.


With its rich collection of books, journals and documents, the library is widely recognized as among the largest private Islamic libraries in Europe. The library has a large selection of very valuable, wide-ranging titles on the major branches of Islamic knowledge as well as books on Islam and the West and inter-faith dialogue. About 30,000 volumes are currently housed in the library. This collection includes a number of important works in Arabic, Urdu and other world languages.

http://www.iflibrary.org.uk/User/Home.aspx →

The Islamic Foundation

The Islamic Foundation, established in 1973, is a unique and pioneering institution specialising in the fields of research, education and publication. Since its inception the Islamic Foundation has strived towards building bridges between the Muslim community and the rest of society by creating a better understanding between communities through greater awareness about each other. In addition to their own activities The Islamic Foundation is also responsible for another two organisations: The Policy Research Centre and the New Muslim Project.

http://www.islamic-foundation.org.uk/User/Home.aspx →

Markfield Institute (MIHE)

The Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE), Markfield, Leicestershire, which started in September 2000, is the first academic institution of its kind in the west. It presents a unique opportunity to study Islam in an Islamic institution within the context of Higher Education in the U.K.

http://www.mihe.org.uk/ →


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