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Professor Khurshid Ahmad


Professor Khurshid Ahmad, Chairman of the Islamic Foundation, UK, and the Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad, Pakistan, holds a Masters in Economics and Islamic Studies, a first degree in Law, an honourary doctorate in Education from the University of Malaysia and an honourary C. Litt from the University of Loughborough , UK. He has served as a Federal Minister for Planning and Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Pakistan (1978-79), as a member of the Senate of Pakistan (1985–97) ad as Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Economy (1992-91, 2003-). He received the prestigious King Faisal Award for Service to Islam, 1990, the Development Bank Award for his contribution to Islamic Economics, 1989, and the Islamic Finance Award, sponsored by the Islamic Finance House, USA, 1998.

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  • Ayesha


    Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

    I have written two short stories named “Eternal Love” and “The
    Backbencher’s Love Story” for the anthologies “A Night in Paradise (
    published by Omji Publcation, New Delhi, India)” and “Life Sundae (by
    BSC Publishers & Distributors, Hyderabad)” respectively. The former
    has already been published and the later will be published in a couple
    of months.

    I’m not a professional writer. Till today, I’ve written few short
    stories and poems. I take it as a passion. In fact, I believe I’m too
    young for it since I’m of 9th grade. I would like to work in this profession with no cost.

    I’m an Indian budding author. My style of writing may differ from
    yours. Please check the attached file to get an idea of it. It is just
    for your reference. It has already been published by Omji Publication,
    New Delhi, India with a legal agreement. Thus, it cannot be published
    again without the prior consent of the publisher.

    I’ll be glad if I could work with you or get help from you in any way. For further queries pleas e feel free to call me in 9238022028
    Thank You


    • site_admin


      Dear Ayesha,

      I hope you are well.

      We do not publish trade fiction at present. If you have proposals for non-fiction work then you can submit it to the trade editor. The guidelines for submitting proposals can be found on the Kube website.

      Wishing you every success in the future.
      Kube Publishing


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