Zain Bhikha

Zain Bhikha  is a South African singer-songwriter who performs Islamic nasheed songs, was born in Pretoria, South Africa. Zain was musically inclined from a young age and often commended for his melodious singing voice. Associated with other Muslim musicians, including Yusuf Islam and Dawud Wharnsby, Bhikha has collaborated on albums and also released several solo albums.

Zain did not receive any formal music training but a natural inclination for writing and composing led him to what eventually changed the course of his life. In 1994, he entered and won a singing competition hosted by ‘702’- a local Johannesburg Radio Station. A simple song that he recorded on his home karaoke system, stood out amongst the thousands of mainly professional participants. Winning the 702 competition motivated Zain to record a professional album. This materialised into A Way of Life, a compilation of basic Acapella Islamic songs, mostly in English, covering the various tenets of Faith. The album was released in South Africa in November of 1994 and was received favourably by an eager Muslim community.

Zain Bhikha’s songs proved to be popular throughout South Africa, especially with young children who found them educational and inspiring. With demands from a hungry audience, Zain soon released three more albums in quick succession following A Way of Life. As the interest in his music grew, his albums began to filter abroad. As fate would have it, they eventually came to the ears of World Renowned Muslim activist, Yusuf Islam, better known as Cat Stevens.

In 2005, after realizing the need for a locally based recording company, Zain established a South African based production company called Zain Bhikha Studios to house all of his enterprises and also give local and international artists the platform to gain exposure to global markets. Today, Zain Bhikha Studios is a non-profit organisation and all proceeds from Zain’s album sales and shows go towards deserving charities.

Under his own label, Zain Bhikha has released many albums, singles and a video autobiography. His albums have featured consistently amongst the top ten best Muslim Artists. His artistically produced videos have appeared on television channels throughout the world and on his YouTube channel that gets thousands of hits on a daily basis. In addition to producing music, Zain has written and directed theatrical productions with a spiritually uplifting message.

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