Colouring in Islam – Vibrant Soul Colouring Inspired by Rumi

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The time when this spiritual adult colouring book was created was also parallel to the months in which I was expecting my first child. As you can imagine, it was a time of high emotions. My husband was studying to complete his degree and we were in the process of buying our first house. Needless to say, our stress levels were at peak!Though I had the idea for this project before all of this, many projects can lie to waste due to lack of action. However by the will of Allah this one came together and I think it is down to the fact that art helps to keep to me sane during difficult times.

I believe art, or any creative outlet for that matter, is necessary to calm us down and renew our focus in life. This is why colouring has been a long prescribed therapy by psychiatrists, helping their patients to manage their thoughts.

A favourite shaykh of mine, who is also a great admirer of Rumi, said;  “We are recognisers of beauty because we perceive order [in it] beyond this chaotic matter and know that everything is in Allah’s hands.” – [Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad]

Beauty has the power to bring calm to the soul, and for this reason art and creativity are very important in life. We all need time to reflect or wind down and art is a creative way to facilitate that process.

As a Muslim, my tradition has always had a place for these things, hence Islamic history being filled with the most incredible art and architecture in the world. Beauty was my inspiration and goal in the pages of Vibrant Soul. And just as much as I love creating art from my inspirations, I believe colouring is loved by many for that same reason of bringing order to the chaotic nature of our ephemeral lives in this world.

Beauty is a healer, as is evident in the impact of Rumi’s words, and I believe we can all gain some peace from it through colouring.

This blog post was writtten by the Roszeen Afsar.

You can check out her colouring book ‘Vibrant Soul – Colouring Inspired By Rumihere and follow her on Instagram to see what inky arts she’s been concocting!

Vibrant Soul – £3.99 – Paperback – ISBN: 9781847741158 – 44  pages

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