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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when a book is being made?

It’s far too lengthy a process to be disclosed in one post… but today I’m going to share with you some exclusive behind-the-scenes material which explores (to some extent) how illustrations are developed for a book.

Meet Hassan and Aneesa.












They’re two of our delightful children’s book characters, recently starring in Hassan and Aneesa Love Ramadan.

Cute, right?

Well they would be, considering the effort gone in to developing them.

image (2)

Some initial sketches of Hassan and Aneesa

These images, courtesy of the illustrator, Omar Burgess, show some initial sketches of the characters. As you can see, each character’s facial expression is developed individually to display different emotions. And they do literally start off as sketches.

Intro Shot Walking








Update Intro Picture1

These images show how the initial ideas evolved to establish the final illustrations for Hassan and Aneesa, as we know them!

Interesting huh?

Well it gets better.

Since their first adventures at madrasa, the illustrations of Hassan and Aneesa were developed (we could say they grew up a little) as they journeyed into other books.

MADRASA_cov1a copy



























Here, we can note the changes between them through the series. See how Hassan has grown from book to book? Did you notice the bigger and bouncier hair? If you’ve previously read these books, did you spot the difference in Aneesa from madrasa to Ramadan?

As you can see, character illustrations for a book are not always set in stone. They change and develop – which makes them all the more real!

Take a look at these images from inside the different books:

Pages from MADRASA_INSIDE-2_Page_1

Book 1

Pages from PP15-16_Page_1

Book 2











Book 3


Again, we can observe the subtle changes made by the illustrator. Aneesa’s complexion looks paler in Book 2, and she has longer hair in Book 3.

As you’ve witnessed, illustrating is quite an art (excuse the pun)! The illustrator often develops various sketches before confirming the final image for a character. And establishing this is only the very beginning… once final images are complete, it’s time to look forward to the illustrations of the next book in the series, and if and how the characters need to be adapted!


Enjoyed this insight and want more? Have any comments or questions of your own? We would love to hear them in the comments below!

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