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As Salaam Alaykum,

Alhamdulillah we’ve been getting a lot more positive feedback on ‘Revive Your Heart‘ and we wanted to share what other people have been saying about this title.

“His writing style is conversational. You feel as if your older brother is sitting next to you having a heart to heart and offering some really sincere advice. If you enjoy his lectures, you will enjoy his writing style.

As Nouman is a student of knowledge and an Arabic teacher, much of what he discusses focuses on in his book are different translations and the roots, connotations, and synonyms of the Arabic used in the Quran”

“One thing I have always appreciated about Nouman Ali Khan is his honesty. You can tell when something seriously grieves him in his videos just from the way he talks or when something ridiculous cracks him up. It’s the same for Revive Your Heart. Revive Your Heart was written to suggest how Muslims can find peace in chaotic times. In a world that revolves around technology, social media and globalisation, it is easy to get distracted and disheartened by every day life. ”

Pardon My Writings
“This book reminds us not just about the temporary nature of this life, but how we should nurture our heart so it’s ready for the Hereafter. It also touches upon the pertinent issues and challenges affecting the Muslim communities such as the issue of leadership, disunity in the Muslim Ummah and the unacceptable attitudes some Muslim communities have towards women and daughters, despite the beautiful teaching of Islam that call us to honour them.

What we like the most about the book is how Khan makes enormous efforts to explain the meaning of important words or verses in the Qur’an so that the reader may actually understand and appreciate the message and beauty of their religion. Nowadays, the ongoing developments in technology and everything around us can easily distract us from our duties and purpose in life. It is as if our physical body is just going through the motions, and our hearts (and ruh (soul)) are dying.”

Productive Muslim

“In its essence, it’s a book that calls into question the importance of reviving your heart, to not get caught up in life to the point where you forget your spirituality and character-building. To at least form a habit of remembering God in our lives as the busy lifestyle we all may lead, can take us away from the bigger picture. To just having a moment of peace, reflection and a sit-down conversation with God.”


“His profound explanations of disarmingly simple words and phrases is by far the book’s greatest strength, as it opens up the world of the Qur’an in a way few other sermonic texts do. This book will no doubt prove popular as a devotional work for the faithful Muslim reader, and it might also benefit those who want to understand what it means to be Muslim beyond the headlines and in the midst of modern life.”

Publishers Weekly

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