She Wore Red Trainers Preview ~ by Na’ima B Robert

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For fans of romantic fiction and readers of Na’ima B Robert we are very pleased to have a preview of She Wore Red Trainers, her forthcoming halal romance, to download.

She Wore Red Trainers is about life, love and Islam and how young adult Muslims find their path.

Ali loves basketball and motorbikes, volunteers at a children’s summer camp and has big plans for a gap year teaching in Mexico

Amirah is a gifted artist who also enjoys hanging out with her opinionated, noisy girlfriends, scoffing burgers, planning glitzy nights in and compiling a league table of fanciable boys..

The pair have similar ambitions, hopes and dreams to any bright, urban 18-year-olds, but when they fall in love at first sight during a long South London summer spent waiting for their A-level results, what follows is not straightforward.

As Muslims who have tried and rejected a mainstream teenage lifestyle, Ali and Amirah must fit their attempts to get to know each other around the expectations of their families and the rules of their religion. They almost never get a chance to speak, even exchanging glances is frowned upon and there are endless misunderstandings and disappointments.

Can they experience the normal passions and adventures of young adulthood while remaining true to the deen (spiritual path) of Islam?

Will they have a halal happily ever after?

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    […] She Wore Red Trainers by Na’ima B. Robert is marketed as a YA but was suggested to me as NA Romance. The publisher considers it a children’s book. (This is a sign of how blurred the lines have become in the American market!) If I were to describe it I’d go for Inspirational Category, with a strong agenda and a zero heat level. It’s a weird bird. […]


  • leemah


    How come this isn’t the full version? I can’t find it anywhere


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