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Dawud Wharnsby at the Eid Fun Day!

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Dawud Wharnsby will be spending all day at the Islamic Foundation, Leicestershire, on Sunday 10th of August.

If you would like to spend four hours with Dawud, to reflect, write and record with him in the day, and then sit through a nasheed concert where he will perform a range of his classic songs on stage in the evening click here for more information.

Plus, don’t forget the Islamic Foundation have also lined up a range of amazing activities for the family at the Eid Fun Day, ensuring there will be something for everyone, young and old, to enjoy.

The Power of Song: Recording a Moment

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Be part of a memorable and rare two-hour workshop with Dawud Wharnsby, where you will reflect, write, and record your own work.Dawud Wharnsby

The first hour of this wonderful workshop walks attendees through unique writing experiments, helping them build their own poems, songs, raps and stories – but more importantly: helping them build their confidence and creative writing skills. A course with no “right” or “wrong” answers, Wharnsby helps participants to dig deep into their imagination to unleash feelings, emotions and creativity in ways they might have never attempted to try before.

Dawud challenges young writers to look at “writing” in a whole new way. This workshop is more about self discovery, self esteem and understanding our responsibilities to our world, than it is about “rhyming”, “meter” and “metaphor”. Major themes include: overcoming learning disabilities, acceptance of differences, celebration of uniqueness, music as a tool for social change and assessing inner strengths and weaknesses.

The second hour of the workshop sets out to record a song, composed collectively by its participants. Workshop attendees will be required to drum, clap, click, stomp and chorally sing, rap, hum or chant their way through the recording of one of the poems completed in the first hour. Together, the group will enjoy first hand experience with multi-track recording under the direction and engineering of Mr. Wharnsby himself.

Come prepared to be creative!


Event Details

Venue: Markfield Conference Centre, MCC, Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicester, LE67 9SY

Date: Sunday 10th of August 2014

Workshop 1: (Ages 9-14)  10.00am – 12.00pm |  Booking details →

Workshop 2: (Ages 15 – 150)  2.00pm – 4.00pm  Booking details →

Workshop price: £30 for one person to attend workshop 1 or 2 PLUS admission to the evening nasheed concert


As each workshop will be run and recorded by Dawud only 15 people will get the opportunity to be part of each session. This is to ensure that each participant receives as much personal attention as they need exploring their ideas and crafting their poems. It will also guarantee each person the chance to be part of the recording in the second hour.

All equipment, rhythm instruments and direction will be provided.


Eid Fun Day Extravaganza

To complete your day why not join in the Eid Day Extravaganza for Muslim families on 10 August.

Anybody buying a workshop ticket will also be eligible for discounted tickets prices:  £4 (under 4s go free)

The event is being held in the same place, so we recommend any groups coming to the workshop join in the family fun.

See what happened at the Eid Day 2013 

Twinkle, Twinkle by Dawud Wharnsby

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Read this poem, Twinkle Twinkle by Dawud Wharnsby, and then look at the image below.

Twinkle, twinkle satellite,
shining like a star so bright.

Cluttering up the evening sky.
You’re not a star you are a lie.

Twinkle, twinkle satellite,
Man-made garbage in the night.

(Text taken from For Whom the Troubadour Sings )


Every single satellite orbiting Earth, in a single image

(Image originally posted at http://bgr.com/2014/03/06/satellite-maps-image-earth/)

Dawud Wharnsby – Ramadan Song

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Dawud Wharnsby has recorded a brand-new song for his latest book, published by the Islamic Foundation, titled Hear Me Beat My Drum. It is a song for children and families celebrating Ramadan, the lunar month of fasting and worship prescribed in the Qur’an.

The song was conceived while Dawud was living in both Syria and Egypt. He wanted to share a part of Ramadan’s charm in both countries, which was a man who would walk down the streets pre-sahur, beating a duff and calling out to wake people up.


Hear Me Beat My Drum by Dawud Wharnsby

Illustrations by Shireen Adams, taken from the book Colours of Islam, published by the Islamic Foundation.


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