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Who is Omar Suleiman?

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Imam Omar Suleiman is an American Muslim scholar, civil rights activist and speaker. He’s the Founder and President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, and an Professor of Islamic Studies at Southern Methodist University. He is also the Resident Scholar of the Valley Ranch Islamic Center and the Co-Chair of Faith Forward Dallas at Thanks-Giving Square. He has been dubbed “The Religious Leader Dallas Needs” by the D Magazine. As well as considered one of the most influential Muslims in America by CNN.

He holds a Bachelors in Accounting, a Bachelors in Islamic Law, a Masters in Islamic Finance, a Masters in Political History, and is currently pursuing a Phd. in Islamic Thought and Civilization.

Shaykh Omar has taught Islamic Studies at the university level since 2008. As a valued Al-Maghrib instructor, Shaykh Omar developed one of the most successful seminar’s “An In-Depth Study of the Spiritual Practices of the Best Generations”. He also is one of the main speakers at our various conferences and retreats across the globe.

With his charismatic sermons and message of inclusiveness, he’s gained a national following and with the media he’s one of the creators of the internationally acclaimed “Inspiration Series” which has reached millions of Muslims and Non Muslims through YouTube and Islamic Television stations worldwide. He’s also known for his series on Quran weekly as well as his contributions to Hadith of the Day.


Amazing Ways Reading Can Change Your Life For The Better!

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The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study found that only 26 percent of students in England enjoy reading. That’s a really sad statistic. If you can’t remember when last you picked up an intriguing book and lost yourself in a story, it’s time to read more and do so with your children, too. There is a rich legacy of libraries in Muslim lands, which highlight the need for more reading, especially in our modern time where we are distracted by technology that prevents us from engaging with our imagination and the world around us. Here is why reading is so important for you and your family.

Reading Prevents Cognitive Decline

When you read, you decrease your risk of mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Protein that accumulates in the brain is directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have found that there are lower levels of these proteins in people who read, write, or play games. While you’re reading, you’re firing up your brain, learning lots of new things that keep your brain sharp.


Reading Decreases Depression

If you’re feeling down about life, reach for a book. Research from the University of Liverpool found that people who read are 21 percent less likely to say they feel depressed and 10 percent more likely to have positive self-esteem. Books transport you to other worlds and can help to distract you from what’s bothering you.

Reading Is Relaxing

A study by the University of Sussex found reading is an activity that eliminates stress. Researchers monitored people’s muscle tension and heart rates, finding that it takes just six minutes of reading for people to relax. In order to combat stress, Muslims can do well to turn to the Qur’an which offers a lot of comfort in the face of stress and trauma. There are also great books about understanding the Qur’an and daily wisdom to apply to your life that can prove highly valuable.

Reading Can Boost Your Sleep Quality

Studies have shown that poor quality of sleep is tied to electronic use before bed, such as using tablets or smartphones. These electronics emit a blue light that stimulates the brain, and can therefore make you battle to fall asleep. Avoiding screens is important. Reading with a book, in a dimly lit room, is a healthier way to encourage relaxation and sleep before bedtime, and is especially useful if your children are too energetic before bed.

Reading To Children Improves Their Vocabulary And Knowledge

Read wonderful books to your children to increase their vocabulary and knowledge. Benefits of regular reading time with children include getting them ready for school, teaching them to focus and concentrate on a task, teaching them new words that will enrich their language, and boosting their imagination which can make them more creative. Studies have found that children who are read to from when they’re really young have better language development and higher language scores in school. Reading with toddlers in which you let them hold the book and turn its pages can also develop their motor skills.

Reading Makes You Empathetic

Essex Libraries has tackled the question: what makes a book encourage empathy in readers? Something they found is that well-rounded characters that the reader can believe in are important, as well as characters who make it easy for the reader to feel they would do the same thing if they were in the characters’ shoes. Reading books to children can help them to imagine what it would be like to be in those characters in the stories, helping them take the empathy and understanding of others learned from books and use these skills in real life.

Reading is one of the most powerful ways you can enrich your life and help your children grow. By dedicating to daily reading, you can boost your brain function and gain better skills, such as empathy, that will make you a better person.


Jane Sandwood – Freelance Writer

My First Book About The Quran Cover

My First Book About the Qur’an [Children’s Book]

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My First Book About the Qur’an – Teachings for toddlers and young children is Kube Publishing’s new board book!  Considered as “The perfect book to introduce children to the teachings in the Qur’an..”

Inside this board book toddlers and young children will find out about the Qur’an’s beautiful teachings: to care for all creation; to respect the books of the Prophet and God; to be good to one another; and to believe in Allah, the Creator.

Stunning illustrations, full of colour, bring the pages to life and the carefully written text is simple, easy to understand, and suitable to be read aloud.

At the end, the book also features some facts about the Qur’an and common questions children might ask, such as: what does the word “Qur’an” actually mean? Which are useful for starting an introductory discussion about the Qur’an with your children, in a madrasa or a classroom!

Author Sara Khan shares her thoughts on her book, “Starting with My First Book About the Qur’an, I hope to capture young children’s attention through simple language and colourful illustrations in a board book format that is suitable for their age group and presents them with the fundamental teachings of the most important book in Islam.

I hope it becomes a treasured introduction to the Qur’an and Islam and that it will be accessible to every young child and parent who values their child’s Islamic education or would like to raise their awareness and understanding with regards to a religion or way of life that may be different from their own.”  

Read the sample here.

My First Book About the Qur’an: Teachings for Toddlers and Young Children is available to order here.

By Sara Khan, illustrated by Ali Lodge

£4.99 (prices vary internationally)



Ibn Taymiyyah on Paradise

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‘In this world there is a paradise. Whoever does
not experience it, will not experience the Paradise
of the Hereafter.’

In Paradise there is only peace, prosperity and happiness. For some, the very thought of this will
contrast starkly with their experience of this world. Experience of the harsh reality of the world may even make any attempt to conceive such a state very difficult. And while the fundamental nature of the world and our perception of our own place within it, has surely evolved with the onset of modernity.

Many of us, despite possessing the means to sustain a largely comfortable existence, compare ourselves to others which can leave us feeling that we are not good enough, do not have enough, are not doing enough, and so on. Anxiety, panic and depression are too often the resultant conditions, and they are on the rise. It is now a fact that one in three of us will at some point in life suffer from one or another mental health issue. In light of this, the words of Ibn Taymiyyah take on a new hue of meaning; they are a reminder and encouragement to those of us experiencing a sense of dislocation in the world—and perhaps seeking an unhealthy sense of longing for another life—that paradise has a place in this world.

Ibn Taymiyyah goes further than this, of course, and says that it is only those of us who experience the paradise of this world who can experience the Paradise of the Hereafter. But do not be fooled into thinking that such a state is obtained simply by bowing and prostrating on a prayer mat; or indeed that those experiencing one form or another of melancholy are in a low state of iman. Human states, whether spiritual, psychological or emotional are too complex to be facetiously and superficially categorised in this way; there are no simple formulas for bringing about different states of mind and being. However, there is a point to take from the comparison of the Paradise of the Hereafter and the paradisical state which Ibn Taymiyyah believes can be achieved in the life of this world.

The Paradise of the Hereafter is a timeless place, in which there is no past and no future—therein only the present exists. It is quite possible, therefore, that the experience of peace, prosperity and happiness in the Paradise of the Hereafter is a consequence of living in and embracing the moment. In Paradise, there will be no place for anxiety over what has passed or anxiety of what is yet to pass. And for this very reason, there will be no disruption to the experience of peace, prosperity and happiness.

Now, although living in the present—in the here-and-now—is no doubt something that requires a certain degree of conscious effort, and probably impossible to sustain for long, it is surely a desideratum to be sought, however and whenever possible, if even to momentarily enjoy the taste of what is promised to us in the Paradise of the Hereafter. In the words of another sage: ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift …  that is why it is called the present!’

And God knows best!

This excerpt was taken from ‘A Treasury of Ibn Taymiyyah’. If you liked this blog post and want to find out more, you can read more of Ibn Taymiyyah’s timeless thought and wisdom here.

[Recipe]: Sunnah Shake – Heavenly Bites

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Sunnah shake

[Bukhari Volume 007, Book 065, Hadith Number 356. Narated By Sad : Allah’s Apostle said, “He who eats seven ‘Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them.“]

This shake is a great and simple way to start your fast in a completely Sunnah way using ingredients recommended in the Qur’an and Sunnah. a recipe perfect for Ramadan as well!


  • 7 dates soaked in water over night (each ajwa date has 40 calories x 7 =280 calories)
  • 237ml/ 8oz / 1 cup of organic  milk (75 calories) or home made nut milk (120 calories)
  • Pinch of cinnamon or ginger optional
  • Add bananas for more calories, each medium size banana has 105 calories and is great for strengthening the stomach


I usually take the stones out of the dates and put the dates into a cup of water with a lid and leave it in the fridge to soak overnight.

In the morning take the dates out of the water and blend the dates, milk and bananas in a blender or a smoothie maker. The water the dates were soaked in is also deliciously chilled and full of natural sugar to give you that much needed energy, to help you get through the day. Alhamdulillah for the blessing that Allah has given us, ameen.

For more amazing recipes on the best of Muslim Cooking, check out Heavenly Bites the award winning cookbook.

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Revive Your Heart with Nouman Ali Khan – New book by Bayyinah founder published by Kube

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Being a Muslim today isn’t easy. Pushed, pulled and prodded from every direction, life can be disheartening and difficult to understand.

Revive Your Heart – written by Nouman Ali Khan – is an indispensable book, offering guidance that is both bold and heartfelt to modern Muslims navigating their way through a life that is ever more destabilising.

Nouman Ali Khan is one of the world’s most recognisable Muslims. At home in America, educated in the West and spiritually trained in the East, he is uniquely able to connect with modern Muslims; understanding the challenges they face, internally and externally, on a daily basis in the 21st century, from the rise of the alternative right to the complexities of family life.

This book is the result of his experiences – at home, in his community, and as a teacher – that combine to show us how to fulfil our faith, build healthy communities, purify our finances and respond to the rise of terrorism in the name of Islam.The vital point that runs through the book however, is more holistic: how to orientate ourselves so that we may find peace, and preserve through the difficult times that lie ahead.A path that, properly navigated, will revive a heart, transform a life and lead to success in both this life and the hereafter

The Kube Editor hopes that in a world that is abuzz with “unrelenting activity constantly vying for our attention” this book can “inspire modern Muslims to become sources of light in our world through the revival of their hearts.”


PART I Connecting to Allah Through Du’a

PART II Creating a Cohesive Muslim Community

PART III Our Financial Dealings

PART IV Some Contemporary Issues

PART V Focusing on the Akhirah



Nouman Ali Khan is a Muslim speaker and the CEO and founder of Bayyinah Institute, an institute that is dedicated to the teaching of Arabic and Qur’anic studies with over 10,000 students worldwide.

One of the best known Islamic speakers in the English Language. With a combined social media following of 2.5 million and 21 million YouTube video views for his Bayyinah Institute, Nouman is one of the most influential young western speakers. Nouman Ali Khan has been named one of the most 500 most influential Muslims in the world by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre of Jordon.

Available here.




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