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Dr Muhammad Abdul Jabbar Beg: Obituary

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It is sad for all at Kube to hear today of the passing away of the historian Dr Muhammad Abdul Jabbar Beg, who died in hospital in Cambridge last night. Cambridge-trained for his doctorate, Dr Beg had been unwell in the last few years of his life. Despite suffering serious health problems, he managed to complete a comprehensive biography of the Prophet (saw) after a thorough study of classical and modern sources, as well as writing more than 300 biographies of the Prophet’s Companions, published in a multi-volume series.


He was the co-author of Kube’s illustrated timeline of Islamic history, A Journey through Islamic History, for which he provided several narrative essays from the Prophet’s time to the dawn of European colonialism, which demonstrated his range and versatility. And he was always a very meticulous specialist consultant on a number of our publications over the years, including the concise lives of Ibn Sina and al-Ghazali. He was a gentle and learned man, who was always ready to give his time to teach young people and those less learned than himself. Above all, he liked to communicate his passion for Islamic history to others.

He was for many years lecturer and then associate professor in Islamic studies at the University of Malaysia, and a contributor to the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Islam. His works included Arabic Loan Words in Malay: a comparative study (1977), Islamic and Western concepts of civilization (1980), The image of Islamic civilization: A compendium of interpretations of the civilization of Islam during the last Islamic century (1300-1400 Hijrah) (1980), Indo-Sanskrit loan-words in Malay (1981), Two lectures on Islamic civilization (1982), Persian and Turkish loan-words in Malay (1982), Brief Lives Of The Companions Of Prophet Muhammad: The Sahabah In Islamic History (2002), Social Mobility in Islamic Civilization: in the Middle East (2006), The Middle East in the Twentieth Century : A Chronology of Events (2006), Essays On The Origins Of Islamic Civilization (2006), A Short Encyclopaedia Of The Companions Of The Prophet Muhammad In The Context Of The Early Islamic History (2007), Wisdom Of Islamic Civilization. A Miscellany Of Islamic Quotations (2007), Biographical Dictionary Of The Companions Of The Prophet Muhammad (2008), Islam And Modern Civilization (2008), and A Journey Through Islamic History: A Timeline of Key Events (2012), co-authored with Yasmina Hashim.

Please all pray for Dr Beg and please ask your local mosques to make a special dua for him as well. May Allah grant him Jannat al-Firdaws and accept and reward him abundantly for his service to others over the years. May God fill his grave with light and give him and us an easy reckoning.

Yahya Birt

Former Commissioning Editor at Kube, Trade and Academic Titles

Kuthum Burgess (1964–2013): Obituary

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Kube Publishing is sad to announce the death of Sister Kulthum Burgess, a talented artist who worked as one of our freelance illustrators.

Kulthum was born Giovanna De Bianchi in Rome in 1964 and embraced Islam in 1987, along with her husband Ahmed Ridwan Burgess. Together they have been living in the UK for the past 20 years.

Kulthum Burgess was a gifted artist. Her career as an artist included work on school murals, producing decorative Islamic tiling and the illustration of children’s books. The first work she undertook for Kube was A School Girl’s Hero by Umm Aamina. This was a challenging project as the book was about the character of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). She also later worked on other titles for Kube: Hannah and her Grandma, The Colour Blind Boy, Our Grandma, Our Granddad, The Lost Ring, and Husna and the Eid Party.

A signature feature of Sister Kulthum’s work was her ability to create recognisable individuals in an accurate and realistic manner, which helped to transform the stories that she illustrated. To do this she used real life models and asked them to pose for photographs, scene by scene, before she would begin her illustrative work. She was committed to depicting people from diverse backgrounds in her artwork. Her work as an illustrator came to be appreciated by a global readership.

Sister Kulthum was sadly diagnosed with cancer some time ago and as a result could not take on any more work illustrating children’s books. We pray Allah grants her the highest rank in Paradise, al-Firdous. Sister Kulthum leaves behind her husband, Ahmed Rizwan, her four sons, Mansoor , Mahmood, Omar and Adam, and her six grandchildren; may Allah grant them all patience and fortitude.

(Written by Anwar Cara on behalf of Kube Publishing)

 Our Grandad


School Girl's Hero


Hannah and her Grandma


Our Grandma


The Colour Blind Boy


Husna and the Eid Party


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