Why can’t I see Allah Dad? [Children’s Books]

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The “I Wonder About Islam” series started one day with my son asking me, “Why can’t I see Allah, Dad?” The question was so unexpected that I didn’t know what to say, although I actually knew the answer. But when he asked so suddenly, I just said, “Umm, well…” He opened his eyes wide and started staring at me as if to say Come on, give me the answer! I beat around the bush for a while. You know, I was humming and hawing. In the end, I said, “Your eyes are so small, yet Allah is so big! This is the answer to the question. Because of this, you can’t see Allah!” “Oh, really?” he said.  Then, as if he hadn’t said anything, he went to his room.

He was only five years old… Perhaps, for a child his age, this answer was enough. I had handled the situation. However, as he got older, he would ask heaps of new questions about Allah. I had to prepare my answers. So, that is how I started the “I Wonder About Islam” series. The best thing about this book is that not only my kids, but kids from around the world can benefit from these answers. The first and second books in the series consist of answers I have given to questions about Allah. In the third book, you will find answers to questions about the Prophet, peace be upon him. The fourth book is about the Muslim holy book, The Qur’an.

Have I answered all the questions about all these topics? Of course not! I’ve only tried to answer the most frequently asked ones. But if you look at how these questions are answered, it will help you work out the answers to other questions yourself. If you hang on to your question’s tail and pull as hard as you can, a huge
answer will follow. From reading the book, you will see that questions don’t frighten you as much as before. You will bravely ask the questions you thought were the most challenging to answer, and soon you will see that you can’t think of a question that doesn’t have an answer.

Asking a question is saying, “I want to learn!”, “I want to understand!”, “I want to know better and love more!” You should never be afraid of asking questions, and don’t ever give up asking questions! Because a question is a key. Every question opens a door for you. And behind every door is a whole other world. Furthermore, asking a question is also a prayer. Make sure you pray a lot so that your mind and heart are filled with the light of knowledge; so that your path is always bright.

The “I Wonder About Islam” series has been written using the works of the great Muslim
scholar Said Nursi (1878–1960). The answers given to the questions and the examples to help you understand the topics have all been taken from his Risale-i Nur books.
Özkan Öze

This foreword was initially published in the ‘I wonder about Islam’ series, his books can be found here.

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