My First Series

Sara Khan is an international bestselling Author and Art Director of Islamic Board Books for Toddlers and Young Children (Kube Publishing)

The aim of the 'My First' book series is to present fundamental Islamic beliefs to toddlers and young children in a way that is suitable for their age group.

Through simple, carefully written text accompanied by large colourful illustrations, the books encourage a child's journey of Islamic education, understanding and love for Islam from the very beginning."

'The perfect series to introduce toddlers and young children to fundamental Islamic beliefs!'

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My First Book About Hajj

“There is so much covered in this small but mighty book. I don’t say this lightly but honestly one of the best children‘s board books related to Hajj“ @letslearnmama

This simple but beautiful book gives children a glimpse into the greatest journey Muslims hope and dream to go on at least once in their lifetime.

It introduces the concept of Hajj as one of the five pillars of Islam and outlines the steps involved when performing this Islamic ritual. It aims to educate and instil a love for Islam’s holiest sites as well as a desire to want to visit them from a young age.

“The most beautiful book on Hajj” - @themuslimmamaclub

“This book will form the basis of our homeschool intro to Hajj and no doubt inspire a longing to travel there from an early age” -thepearltent

“Another beautiful book added to our collection by Sara Khan. As an artist, I’m in awe of her children’s books and my kids love them” - Farrah Azam

“A perfectly simple yet beautiful book introducing the concept of Hajj” - @homemadeteacher

My First Book About Ramadan

Inside this board book toddlers and young children will find out about the beautiful holy month of Ramadan, it's meaning and purpose, as well as how and why it is celebrated.

“Every child needs this book as their first introduction to the blessed month of Ramadan” - @thepearltent

“Absolutely stunning book which captures the warm magical vibes of Ramadan perfectly with it’s beautiful text and illustrations” - @pilgrimpegdolls

“A well-presented non-fiction Ramadan book for toddlers and young children that introduces the concept of Ramadan and many other aspects of it with simplicity. The soft, dreamy and detailed illustrations will grab the reader's attention straight away.” - @she_is_just_a_muslim_mother

My First Book About Allah

“Best Muslim Board Book of 2020” -
Muslimah Reviewers Top Choices of 2020

“This adorable board book is the perfect introduction to Allah (swt), definitely a must have for the little ones“ -@Muslimkidsbooknook

“Quiet possibly the cutest and most beautiful Islamic book we have!’ - @pilgrimpegdolls

Inside this beautiful board book helps children understand who Allah is. It introduces some of His divine attributes: His Oneness, His infinite Power, Love and Mercy, and it ends with the promise He has made to those who believe in Him and make Him happy!

My First Book About Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

“This is such a wonderful summary and introduction to the beautiful life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and is sure to increase a child’s love for their Prophet. I recommend each parent to get it for their young children” - @muslimmommyblog

“The loveliest little book! Simple language, and beautiful, vibrant illustrations make this the perfect read aloud for little ones.” - @ourhomeschoolheaven

Inside this board book toddlers and young children will find out about the Prophet Muhammad's amazing character and unshakeable belief in Allah.

My First Book About The Qur'an

"an outstanding work. Simple and captivating." – Saniyasnain Khan, Goodwords Books

"the perfect introduction to the Quran for the little ones" –

"outlines lessons from the Quran in simple language for the very young" – Kirkus Reviews

“this board book is a great introduction to children of any age who want to learn about the Muslim faith. This is a great book to teach kids about world religions.” –

Inside this board book toddlers and young children will find out about the Qur’an’s beautiful teachings: to care for all creation; to respect the books of God; to be good to one another; and to believe in Allah, the Creator.

“The best kids board book series I have seen so far Masha’Allah”


Sheikh Dr Saalim Al-azhari

"Excellent books for Muslim and non-Muslim children to learn about Islam”


Qaisrah Shehraz, MBE 

"“Such cool books. My nieces and nephews love them!”  


Tez Ilyas

My First Book About Salah

In simple and easy to understand language along with stunning, full colour illustrations, this book takes the reader through the acts of how to pray and the intentions behind them.

Features facts about prayer and common questions children may ask, such as: Why do Muslims pray? Who do Muslims pray to?


Download free, colouring sheets from the My First Book series by Sara Khan.


All of these sheets have been crafted by Ali Lodge!

Sara Khan is an international bestselling Author and Art Director of Islamic Board Books for Toddlers and Young Children (Kube Publishing).

She is a Linguist and Qualified Translator with a First-class BA (hons) in Linguistics and Arabic as well as a MA in Translation & Interpreting Studies (German/Arabic/Urdu>English) from the School of Arts, Languages & Cultures at the University of Manchester.

Her research interests include: Islamic Education, Art and Wellbeing, Linguistics - Early Child Bilingualism and Heritage Language maintenance, Multiculturalism, Equality and Diversity - Diversity in Children's Books, Translation

Ali Lodge has a MA in Illustration from the North Wales School of Art. She lives in Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK with her two children and beagle puppy Benji.