Inspiring God-consciousness through creative expression.

Pioneer Islamic singer and songwriter, Zain established Zain Bhikha Studios as a platform for promoting creative expression.

For over twenty-five years, Zain Bhikha an iconic Islamic singer, inspires fans across the over with his messages of upliftment and God-consciousness.

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Zain Bhikha has been an inspiration to people the world over since he first began singing in 1994. His uplifting songs aim to reconnect young people with the Creator and fill them with happiness.

With more than a dozen albums to his name, Zain’s songs have graced homes throughout the world and touched people’s lives in uplifting and often profound ways. He has performed across most continents and remains amongst the most popular Islamic artists.

"Beautiful illustrations and lovely to sing along to the song. One of our favourites at home."

Allah Made Everything

Allah Made Everything, the song book, is based on the lyrics of the well-loved children’s song by Zain Bhikha.

The song was first released in 2015, and together with the hit video, has become popular with Muslim children across the world!

Cotton Candy Sky

A song-book reminding children to look up, to the cotton candy sky, for hope that light, bright days are ahead.

Cotton Candy Sky takes us on an enchantingly descriptive journey through nature and colour, and highlights the importance of trust and gratitude in life.

As much as we try, we will never be in control of everything. Lows are followed by highs. Sadness is followed by smiles. Just as clouds come with rain, soon they will be blown away to reveal the cotton candy sky again.

"An Excellent book to go along with the song. Bright beautiful colours and lovely messages - My toddler adores it"

25 Years

The Best of Zain Bhikha

This CD contains the Voice and Drum versions Zain’s ‘Best of’ songs, from the past 25 years.

All songs have been remastered!

Cotton Candy Sky CD

This ground-breaking album is still true to Zain Bhikha’s unique sound with inspiring reminders of our Creator, featuring the following songs (in both Voice Only as well as Voice and Drums)

  • Cotton Candy Sky
  • The Monkey, The Cow and The Wolf [feat. Layana Kotwal]
  • King of Madinah [feat. Taariq Uwais Malinga & Khalid Belrhouzi]
  • Ramadhan, We Are One
  • Get Up Again [feat. Khalil Ismail]
  • If I had a boat
  • The Farewell Sermon
  • The Stillness of the mosque
  • Get up Again [feat. Alkebulaun]
  • Dare to Believe [feat. Taariq Uwais Malinga]
  • See You Soon
  • Everything Belongs to Allah

25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set

The 25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Box set includes:

25 Years Best of Zain Song Book

2 CDs ‘the Best of’ (in both Voice only as well as Voice and Drums)

A nostalgic cassette-styled USB, preloaded with all 30 songs and a video.

(Limited Stock)


2x CDs


‘Best of’ CD, Voice only version


‘Best of’ CD, Voice and Drums Version

Song Book

Song Book which has the lyrics of all songs from the ‘Best of’ Album.

Each song is accompanied by a bespoke piece of Artwork. This celebration of Creativity features 30 artists from around the world.

Cassette-Styled USB


A nostalgic Cassette-styled USB, preloaded with the Voice only and Voice and Drums versions of all 30 ‘Best of’ songs

The Best of Zain Bhikha CD (Voice Only)

This CD contains the Voice Only versions Zain’s ‘Best of’ songs, from the past 25 years. All songs have been remastered.

On this CD:

Give Thanks to Allah
Praise to the Prophet (PBUH)
I Remember Your Smile
Fortunate is He
Eid-un Sa'Eid
A is for Allah
Wonderful World
Mount Hira
Our World
Orphan Child
Mountains of Makkah
City of Medina
Heart of a Muslim
My Mum Is Amazing
Slowly Slow
Allah Knows
Can't Take It with You
Mum and Dad
Who I Am
One God
First We Need the Love
Land of Revelation
Ça C’est La Vie
The Passing Traveller
Allah Made Everything
Cotton Candy Sky
Everything Belongs to Allah