A Treasury of Ghazali: A Companion for the Untethered Soul


Mustafa Abu Sway

This beautiful edition comprises forty gems from Ghazali’s inexhaustible treasury of writings with accompanying commentaries.


This beautiful edition comprises forty gems from Ghazali’s inexhaustible treasury of writings with accompanying commentaries.

Abū Ḥāmid al-Ghazālī (d. 505/1111) has been described by some scholars as the greatest Muslim in Islamic history. His prolific works, written over the duration of his relatively short lifetime, have deeply influenced Islamic thought for nearly a thousand years. Al-Ghazālī was a polymath who had mastered every discipline known to the scholars of his time. In many ways, his corpus of writings on law, theology, philosophy, and Islamic spirituality, represent the most influential understanding of the Islamic religion ever articulated.

This short volume, written by one of the world’s leading experts on al-Ghazālī, comprises forty gems from al-Ghazālī’s inexhaustible treasury of writings, that give the modern reader insights into both the richness of al-Ghazālī’s thought, and how they can better help us understand Islam today.

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    “The problem with the thought of Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazali (to give him his full name) is that it is too deep and too broad for our shallow times. In the age of Twitter, the work of the greatest thinker in Islamic history is almost unknown outside the small band of scholars devoted to him: many Muslims have never even heard of him. But Al-Ghazali lived at a time when the Muslim world faced challenges which bear comparison with the problems the Muslim world face today: it was a fractured world, the early Muslim unity having shattered into a small number of competing power centres, and Islamic culture was struggling to respond to and assimilate the products of Greek learning that its military expansion had brought into its orbit. It was Ghazali, through his life and thought, who formulated the Muslim response to Greek learning, and helped to establish the social solidarity in the face of rulers of varying degrees of worthiness that went on to characterise Muslim populations throughout the world. And yet, ask an ordinary Muslim about him, and most will respond with blank faces.

    So Kube’s new book is a welcome attempt to redress this situation. Accepting that Ghazali’s vast corpus of work is too much for most people to engage with, they have published a lovingly presented, slim volume of Ghazali’s thought, taking short extracts from his work ranging from raising children in a faith to the encounter with God, with explanatory commentary by Professor Abu Sway of Al-Quds University. The real meat, though, are in these limpid extracts from Ghazali: there is more in a sentence by him than in most books published today about Islam. So, it is to be hoped that this little book will help provoke a revival in the knowledge and study of Al-Ghazali among today’s Muslims, for his wisdom is required today more than ever.” Edoardo Albert

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    “Al-Ghazali, whom I associate with the Christian Saint Augustine, is a superb teacher, who has been excerpted for this resume of his work by an inspired teacher, Mustafa Abu-Sway. So readers are doubly blessed. For both of them readily acknowledge that the effective cause of anything good in their lives is God Himself. So enjoy this introduction of two teachers of the One who can teach us all by His Word.”

    David Burrell, C.S.C., Theodore Hesburgh C.S.C. Professor emeritus in Philosophy and Theology at the University of Notre Dame, served there from 1964 to 2007 and has subsequently served the Congregation of Holy Cross District of East Africa, as Professor of Comparative theology at Tangaza College, Nairobi, Kenya.

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    “An ecclectic collection of forty wisdom passages from al-Ghazali, covering the entire breadth of his extraordinary oeuvre—from the autobiographical al-Munqidh to the crowning achievement of his life and work, Ihyāʾ ʿulūm al-dīn. The subjects covered in these forty selections range from virtues of introspection to preparing for the Hereafter. A truly refreshing read, which inspirs the soul to strive for the higher stations.”

    Muzaffar Iqbal is the founder-president of Center for Islamic Sciences, Canada, editor of Islamic Sciences, and General Editor of the seven-volume Integrated Encyclopedia of the Qur’an. the first English-language reference work on the Qur’an based on fourteen centuries of Muslim reflection and scholarship.

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    “In A Treasury of Ghazali: A Companion for the Untethered Soul Mustafa Abu Sway brings together forty excerpts from Ghazali’s writings on ethics, theology, philosophy, mysticism, and spirituality that contain guidance on wide-ranging topics from seeking happiness to pursuing political justice. Most of these quotations are taken from Ghazali’s magnum opus on spiritual ethics Ihya Ulum al-Din, with others coming from his smaller works. The author’s collection of these quotations follows the paradigmatic method within Islamic tradition of collecting 40 wisdom maxims that finds its root in the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) pronouncement encouraging people to learn 40 of his own sayings. Moreover, the brevity of each of these wisdoms makes their comprehension and practice suitable for contemporary life that is filled with distractions that compete for our attention leaving our mental focus fragmented and scattered. So, the organization of the work in this format is ideal for most peoples’ busy lives that leave little room for any extended study or deep reflection

    A Treasury of Ghazali: A Companion for the Untethered Soul is a primer for people who are beginning their journey on the path to self-actualization or someone who simply seeks some spirituality in our increasingly materialistic world. Ghazali’s advice contained in this short work is perennial and the brief commentary helps further situate those admonitions in our historical context. No matter what one’s confessional beliefs are they will find something to resonate with in this 150-page pocket-sized book that has a wide selection of topics.”

    Omer Awass
    Assistant Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies
    American Islamic College

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    ““I’m one of those people that loves a bit of wise philosophy – and when that is equipped with Islam – my heart just finds solace. This book offers guidance, practical tips and most importantly encourages one to think about themselves in a deep manner – that we often don’t get to do because of all our responsibilities. This book seeks to take the soul out of muddled-ness and give it direction. “ Gilded Dunya

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    “Beautifully designed, with gold foiling on the cover, stunning end pages, and a bookmark, this book is perfect for gifting. And because the excerpts are prefaced by a brief biography, this slim volume is a nice introduction to al-Ghazali.”

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