Finding Peace in the Holy Land – A British Muslim Memoir


‘I couldn’t put it down.’ Nicky Campbell

‘One of the most fascinating Muslim personalities of our time.’ Imam Zaid Shakir

Above all, Finding Peace in the Holy Land is an odyssey which asks the universal question; What is this life really all about?

Lauren Booth

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Finding Peace in the Holy Land is a spiritual adventure story which begins in the quiet London suburb of Hampstead in the 1970s. Lauren’s father is a famous actor and political militant. Penniless and unable to pay the rent, he tells her that changing the world is the reason for living.

After her early faith is shattered by a mysterious fire, Lauren paddles the shallows of celebrity life, where her political opinions pit her against the views of her brother-in-law, who just happens to be Prime Minister Tony Blair. This rare and relevant memoir is told with brisk honesty and sharp humour. It is a dramatic life story sweeping from the suburbs of North London to the olive groves of the Holy Land, from handball with Hamas to breaking a deadly siege by land and by sea.

It tracks the singular journey of a one-time party girl and part-time Christian to the quiet, teetotal life of a devout believer in the teachings of the Arabian Prophet

Lauren Booth has presented radio and TV series for amongst others; BBC Radio London, British Muslim TV, Press TV and the Islam Channel.

She publishes articles across a wide platform and continues to tour internationally as a public speaker. Her talks focus on human rights, Islamophobia in the media, Palestinian justice and her own conversion to Islam.

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3 reviews for Finding Peace in the Holy Land – A British Muslim Memoir

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    “For many, this book will be the closest that they ever come to truly understanding why a western woman, steeped in the consumerist values of luvvie-London and living amidst the glamour and giddy hedonism of life in celebrity spotlight, might choose to turn to Islam. This is a rare and a real opportunity to listen; no – to hear – the very personal decision and the factors behind such a change in the way of one woman’s choices and direction.” Christina Longden, Writer.

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    ‘This book is a beautiful reminder of how Allah leads people to Islam in different ways. Booth spent a considerable part of her life feeling conflicted about her materialistic lifestyle at home and struggling to advance humanitarian causes abroad. She found herself drawn to Palestine again and again. And it is there, during the month of Ramadan, that the generosity of a Palestinian woman is what finally opens her heart to Islam.’ MuslimReads

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    ‘Written in an engaging style, which is at times funny and sometimes profound, it is a story of spiritual awakening, personal transformation and quest for justice that takes readers through the worlds of showbiz, politics and religious devotion.’ Dr Sadek Hamid, The New Arab

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