My Special Angels: The Two Noble Scribes

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Find out all about the angels beside your shoulders, the Kiraman Katibin, and how to turn those bad deeds into good ones, with a lovable and cheeky young boy.



Beside every person’s shoulder, there are two angels. Muslims know them as the Kiraman Katibin (the noble scribes). They write down every deed, good and bad, from a person’s first day to their last.
Inside this book you will find out all about them, and how to turn those bad deeds into good ones, with a lovable and cheeky young boy.


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  • Fatima


    Masha’Allah i received this book and my kids couldn’t wait to read it as soon as they saw the first page. Must say brothers and sisters this book is very good for out little ones.
    Teaches our little ones and reminds us elders that our angels (kiraman katibeen) are on our shoulders all the time. A good reminder to kids to be careful what they say and do….
    Beautiful book masha’Allah…. worth every penny.


  • A


    “It was read in a local Madrassah to children between 4-8 years old and they loved it. The misconception of the left angel being bad can not be made with this story as it clearly explains how he gets sad when we do something bad but it super happy when we acknowledge our mistakes and say sorry.

    “When i’m sorry, he Jumps with glee,
    And rubs away my naughty deed!
    Now I know it’s never too late,
    To right my wrongs and change my fate.”

    Loved this page, and feel its so important for children and adults to understand this.
    Well done to the author for writing this beautiful book!!”

    Atiya Shah


  • R


    “I was so excited to see this book; I think that talking to children about the angels who write your deeds, (good and bad) is a great way to broach the topic of accountability” MuslimReads


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