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A Muslim Love Story by Na’ima B. Robert


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  • 9781847740601

    Educating Muslim Women: The West African legacy of Nana Asma’u (1793-1864)

    Jean Boyd and Beverly Mack

    Nana Asma’u (1793–1864) was a prolific Muslim scholar, poet, historian, and educator. Daughters are still named after her; her poems, read and recited privately and in public, still move people profoundly; the memory of her remains a vital source of inspiration and hope.

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  • 9781847740571

    The Great Race to Sycamore Street

     J. S. Mair

    This topsy-turvy adventure on Sycamore Street sees brother and sister Hude and Amani arrive in the country with one thought: it was going to be  long, boring summer. They couldn’t be more wrong. Find out how they plan to save the peach tree and beat a bully at his own game.

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  • 9780860375760

    Living in Allah’s Presence: Aspects of Islamic Spirituality

    Abdur Rashid Siddiqui

    A collection of insightful reflections on Islamic spirituality. Topics covered include: Intention (Niyyah), Sincerity (Ikhlas), God-consciousness (Taqwa), Perseverance (Sabr), Thankfulness (Shukr), Wisdom (Hikmah), Reliance (Tawakkul), Supplication (Du‘a’) and Fear (Khawf).

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  • SNOW WHITE_cov

    Snow White: An Islamic Tale

    Fawzia Gilani

    This lyrically-told tale of flight, friendship and forgiveness, also includes seven dwarf sisters-in-faith, a considerate huntsman and a charming prince.

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  • Educating Muslim Women
  • The Great Race
  • Living in Allah's Presence
  • Snow White

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