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The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that one of the supplications of Prophet Dāwūd (peace be upon him) was that he would say, “O Allah I ask You for Your love, and the love of those who love You, and all of the actions that would bring me closer to being loved by You.” Our aim should constantly be to pursue Allah’s pleasure; pursue the reward that He has promised.

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Furthermore, one should avoid the things that He has told us to stay away from, but to know that one is loved by Allah, that is the pinnacle. To strive and remain constantly focussed on that goal to pursue Allah’s love and to meet Him in that state of love is the most special and sacred level that a human being can attain. In thirty short chapters this book will look at who, and what qualities and characteristics Allah loves and how we may become people who are loved by Allah and do things that Allah loves.



"The topics range from specific acts of kindness to people to a wider range of qualities to have in our day-to-day activities and worship acts as well. The book covers society, trade, worship acts, parents, effort, angles, personal qualities, character and much more. It is an all-inclusive book which any Muslim can benefit from and make use of. The chapters can be read in any order, but the book does flow; he refers to previous chapters and qualities as he progresses. I personally read it in the order it appeared in.

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Most importantly, the book not only allows us to be more loved by Allah, but it also draws us closer to him and makes us love Allah even more!" Marwa, Goodreads


"Very beautifully put together. It puts things that we don't normally think too much of into perspective - I have changed a lot of little things in my life that has made a huge difference on my soul and approach to things.

I would recommend it to anyone trying to take steps into earning the love of Allah."  Ley, Amazon Reviewer

Allah Loves - Omar Suleiman

Allah Loves is published by Kube Publishing

9781847741356 - Hardback 

Imam Omar Suleiman is an American Muslim scholar, civil rights leader, writer, and public speaker. He is the Founder and President of Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, and Professor of Islamic studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, USA.