"If Allah intends goodness for someone, he gives him understanding of the religion." Sahih al-Bukhari 71

25 Keys To A Happy Life

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar explains 25 keys that unlock genuine happiness, inner peace, and contentment.

These principles are taken from the Qur’an and Sunnah and are timeless in their application and effectiveness.

25 Keys

A Life With The Divine

Attune to Allah's names perceive life's events as reflections of His divine attributes.

Every encounter, from mercy to might, becomes a reminder and an opportunity for deeper understanding.

Ali Hammuda

Married Ever After

A guide through the marriage process based on 20 timeless Qur'anic principles,

Insightful Prophetic examples and contemporary research on maintaining successful relationships.

Married Ever After

Ali Hammuda Presents

Married Ever After & A Life with The Divine


Ibn Tufayl

Ibn Tufayl: Alone on the Island of One's Mind is a fictional tale based on the questions and the thoughts Ibn Tufayl might have had before writing his famous work Hayy ibn Yaqdhan.

How did Ibn Tufayl's journey towards writing such a work begin? What kinds of thoughts must have passed through his mind along that journey? In this book, we set out on our own journey to find and follow the footsteps of Ibn Tufayl's mind

Ibn Tufayl

Ibn Sina

Join Ibn Sina on a journey through his ideas about the human body and soul and explore the fascinating example of his "flying man" thought experiment.

What is the nature of the soul and its connection with the human body? What can humans really know about the soul, and how? Tackle these and other fascinating questions alongside the master of masters in this book.

Ibn Sina

Ismail Kamdar

25 Keys To A Happy Life

25 Keys
Married Ever After

The word of wisdom is the lost property of the believer. Wherever he finds it, he is most deserving of it.”

Sunan al-Tirmidhi 2687


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