Pre-Ramadan Reading List

Ramadan is coming up, or has already passed (depending on when you’re reading this!), here’s a reading list to help you prepare for the holy month.

The first book we primarily recommend and suggest is of course, The Holy Qur’an. Whether you’ve maintained your connection to the holy book from the previous Ramadan or are struggling, now is a time to start, maintain or improve your current connection. Whether it’s a few verses or few pages it’s important to get into the habit before Ramadan arrives.


Tazkiyah – The Islamic Path Of Self-Development

Tazkiyah (Purification) There is hardly any book in English that covers self-development from an authentic Islamic perspective. Yet, tazkiyah, self-development, lies at the core of Islamic life and there is need for a practical manual to assist those who want to achieve self-development by purifying their souls and actions. A perfect spiritual yet practical guide, to help you ease into Ramadan or to work on self purification.


Al-Adab Al-Mufrad (with full commentary) – Adil Salahi

“I have only been sent to perfect good moral character.” Prophet Muhammad (sws)

The Perfect Code of Manners and Morality By Imam Bukhari – A must have for understanding the importance of character and for those on the road who want to perfect it.

This anthology of 1329 hadiths is a treasured work in Muslim history by one of its most respected scholars, Imam Bukhari. All of the hadith are directly related to the standards of manners and morality Islam wants to prevail and Muslims throughout the world have been guided by it since its preparation over a millennium ago.

This edition includes a contemporary commentary on each topical collection of hadiths, clearly emphasising the relevance of the Prophet’s teachings in our modern and complex societies. This pioneering addition marks it out as perhaps the first English work commenting on and explaining a full anthology of hadiths.


In The Early Hours – Khurram Murad

In the Early Hours is a collection of inspirational advice by Ustadh Khurram Murad on the subject of spiritual and self development. In it he sets out the goal of the Believer – the single-minded desire to seek the good pleasure of God. He then outlines the methods and instruments which must be used in the attainment of that ultimate goal. A great book to read after Fajr… in the early hours!


Revive Your Heart – Nouman Ali Khan

Revive Your Heart is a call for spiritual renewal and an invitation to have a conversation with one of the world’s most recognisable voices on Islam, Nouman Ali Khan. This collection of essays is disarmingly simple, yet it challenges us to change— to revise our actions, our assumptions, and our beliefs so we can be transformed from within, as well as externally. It aims to help modern Muslims maintain a spiritual connection with Allah and to address the challenges facing believers today.


Inner Dimensions Of Islamic Worship – Al-Ghazali

This book covers the Islamic rituals of worship; Prayer, Alms-giving, Fasting, Pilgrimage, etc. which are essential to the fulfilment of inner quality. A very helpful and inspiring reminder from Al-Ghazali to countless young men and women of our times, who are rapidly growing their commitment to Islam.


A Treasury Of Hadith –  A Commentary on Nawawi’s Selection of Prophetic Traditions

Imam Nawawi’s collection of 42 hadith brings together some of the most important and pivotal Prophetic traditions. Each tradition encapsulates a great rule of the religion of Islam, described by Islamic religious scholars as an ‘axis’ in Islam.