The Prophets Of Islam Activity Books


Full of activities including crosswords, puzzles, mazes and colouring, these activity books are a wonderful way to introduce young children to Allah’s Messengers. Each book focusses on one particular story of the Prophet.



"I like that there’s a recurring character, Amani, who is being told specific events from prophetic narrations by her mother and father - it just makes it more relatable with a storybook feel. It’s not a load of text and there are simple, engaging activities throughout, hence the markers at the ready" Asma Scribendi


"I really loved the concept of these books. they do not just include the story of the relevant Prophet but there are also colouring , tracing and drawing pages , as well as word searches and many more exciting activities , all nicely intertwined in the stories . The text is simple and easy to read and understand for young children and the books are very good quality . At the end of each book there is an excerpt from the relevant Surah that is associated with the Story." LetsLearnMama


" The books are glossy, full colour soft cover and from the content aimed at children anywhere from babies that can be read to, up until eight or nine. The content is simple and easy to understand and focuses on important situations in the Prophet’s lives alongside lessons that could be learned rather than chronological or details biographies" HappyMuslimah

£1.99 each - perfect for children aged 3-6 

By Saadah Taib, illustrated by Shazana Rosli

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Available in the series:

  • Prophet Adam:           9780860376392
  • Prophet Muhammad: 9780860376347
  • Prophet Nuh:              9780860376446
  • Prophet Sulaiman:     9780860377771
  • Prophet Ibrahim:        9780860377405
  • Prophet Ismail:           9780860377450
  • Prophet Yunus:           9780860377184
  • Prophet Yusuf:             9780860377238