The Etiquette of Dua

Du’a is a part of worship and like every other kind of worship, the Prophet (sws) taught us how to perform it with the best of etiquette.


1 – The du’a should be to Allah alone; by obeying Him and not disobeying Him.

2 – When we make du’a we should be sincere in asking Allah, alone.

3 – We should ask of Allah by His most beautiful names.

4 – We should praise Allah as He deserves to be praised before we voice our du’a.

5 – We should send blessings upon the Prophet .

6 – We should face towards the qiblah.

7 – Raising our hands together with palms facing upwards in du’a.

8 – We should have certainty that Allah will respond to our du’a.

9 – We should focus on what we are saying and not be distracted when making du’a.

10 – We should ask frequently and not be impatient for Allah to answer.

11 – We should be firm in our du’a. We should not say please grant me if you so wish.

12 – We should call upon Allah in humility, hope and fear.

13 – Ask in du’a three times.

14 – We should make sure our food and clothing are halal and lawful.

15 – It is good to say du’a quietly and not out loud. Allah is All Hearing so we do not need to shout.


Guidelines adapted by Aliya Vaughan from 'Turning Back to Allah'