Tittle Tattle Talia

Tittle-tattle Talia is a story about a young girl who can not resist a juicy story. She is always talking about other people and she loves the attention she gets from those who listen to her tales. Despite warnings to stop, she doesn't see why a bit of fun is such a problem, but wait...where have all her friends gone?

Talia is an inquisitive young girl who likes to tell tales - gossiping or slandering others. Her family has on numerous occasions warned her about this bad habit of hers. In the end, the shoe is on the other foot when most of her friends stop talking to her. What attracted me to this book was that it dealt with an issue which is quite common in society.

The book also caters for people of all ages. It clearly outlines the negatives of telling tales. I nevertheless would have loved to have seen Talia put in a similar situation, but instead of spreading gossip, she reacts differently, steering away from talking behind others' backs.

An excellent book which I rate extremely high and recommend for all to read.In surah 104 of the Holy Quran, the consequences of slandering and back-biting are clearly spelt out. So best to stay away from this type of action. Principal Mr Nur Luddy, Thornton Road Primary School, CapeTown


Hardback - 9780860377443

Salwah Isaacs Johaadien