A Look Back At 2018...

Take a look at our Books Launched in 2018. Carry on reading to find out about all the books we’ve released this year. Thank you and Jazak’Allah Khair for all your support this year!

Zak and His Little Lies by J. Samia Mair

Our first book for 2018 was Zak and His Little Lies. Zak is back, this time to learn a lesson about lying, which makes it a great opportunity for discussions with your little ones. Considered as a gorgeously illustrated book full of warmth and faith.

Available here £4.99
Hardback ISBN: 9780860376279

Read a review by MuslimMummies


Yan’s Hajj – The Journey of a Lifetime by Fawzia Gilani

Yann’s trip to perform Hajj turns into a journey that lasts a lifetime. A heart-warming tale about helping others.

I really love Yan’s Hajj! I cried so much after I read it!” Ahliana, Little Tree Library.

I really cannot remember the last time I read an Islamic picture book that was this thoughtfully structured….I’m so glad to have this book to share with all the little ones in my life in the upcoming hajj season and all year round” MuslimReads

A children’s story book that has me in tears each time I read it to my children.” Waldorfish

Available here £3.99
Paperback ISBN: 9780860376231

Take a look inside here or Read a review by Our Amanahs Our Futures


Shariah: A Dive Code of Life by Abdur Rashid Siddiqui

This simple and concise guide to the Shariah (Islamic law) explains its meaning, scope and operation, as well as helping readers understand and appreciate its value and importance in the believer’s life.

Available here £5.99
Paperback ISBN: 9780860376248


Communicating with Allah: Rediscovering Prayer by Dr Bassam Saeh

Learn to let go of your worldly worries during your prayers (salah) and be more mindful before God. A perfect book to read over Ramadan, especially in our modern world of constant distraction! How are we to achieve the communion with the Divine that prayer is supposed to be? Rediscover prayer, with this book filled with short reminders containing practical examples to help readers attain a deeper sense of devotion to Allah.

Available here £4.99
Paperback ISBN: 9780860377153

“Unique and powerful, this book breathes new life into an action that Muslims repeat constantly. If you are looking to worship smarter, a little bit of consistency in improving the quality of your five daily prayers will go a long way.” Read the full review here


Sleeping Beauty: An Islamic Tale by Fawzia Gilani

A faithful retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story that is set in ancient Egypt. Featuring an aqiqah to celebrate the Princess Mariam’s birth, four wise sages, a poisoned hijab pin, an unbreakable sleep, a wicked Count and a charming prince, this story will awaken a love for this classic tale in a whole new community’s heart.

Available here £5.95
Hardback Kindle edition ISBN: 9780860375975

“An intriguing, fun story” Read the full review by Happy Muslim Mama


Allah Made Everything: The Song Book by Zain Bhika

Our song book is based on the well-loved children’s song by renowned nasheed artist Zain Bhikha. Available here. Sing-a-long here and don’t forget to watch the review!

£4.99 Hardback
ISBN: 9780860377702

“The kids are really enjoying the colourful illustrations and how catchy and simple it is to remember.” StepInsideMyhandBag

“A new favourite by Zain Bhikha, based on the song lyrics of his well-loved children’s song!!” EasternToybox

“We explore the world through children’s eyes and on that journey we are reminded that we are all creations of Allah….The story is brought to life by the mesmerising illustrations that certainly caught my child’s attention.” BritDeshi Mummy


The Rohingya Crisis: A People Facing Extinction by Dr Abdul Bari

The book is a concise, well researched, easily readable and passioned book on the history and plight of the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

Available here Kindle edition £4.99
Paperback ISBN: 9781847741011

“The book is a concise, well researched, easily readable and passionate book on the history and plight of the Rohingya people in Myanmar.” The Muslim News


A Long Jihad: My Quest for the Middle Way by Dr Abdul Bari

In an era of fanaticism and polarisation, Dr Bari’s life is an example of a prominent Western Muslim rejecting extremes and finding balance. In this memoir, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari asks us to look beyond the extremism and violence that all too often defines the Muslim community toward those, like himself, navigating a middle-way life. A path defined in Islam as the “natural way”.

Read a sample here.
Available here Kindle edition
£9.99 Paperback ISBN:9781847741172

“Dr Bari’s contributions to institution building, inter-faith work and improving community relations are exemplary. His insights on building family, faith and community relations should be should be considered carefully. This book offers an interesting reflection of British Muslim engagement at the highest levels of public life and should be read widely by policymakers, media professionals, community work practitioners and activists within Muslim communities and beyond.” Dr Sadek Hamid, The New Arab Read the full review here.


Towards Understanding the Qur’an Vol.13 by Mawdudi

Continuing our Tafsir series, Volume XIII of Towards Understanding the Qur’an (Tafhim al-Qur’an) includes Sayyid Abul Ala Mawdudi’s commentary on Surah 66: At-Tahrim to Surah 77: Al-Mursalat

Available here £10.95 Paperback / £17.95 Hardback
ISBN: 9780860376590


Finding Peace in the Holy Lands: A British Muslim Memoir by Lauren Booth

After her early faith is shattered by a mysterious fire, Lauren paddles the shallows of celebrity life, where her political opinions pit her against the views of her brother-in-law, who just happens to be Prime Minister Tony Blair. This rare and relevant memoir is told with brisk honesty and sharp humour. It tracks the singular journey of a one-time party girl and part-time Christian to the quiet, teetotal life of a devout believer in the teachings of the Arabian Prophet Lauren Booth has presented radio and TV series for amongst others; BBC Radio London, British Muslim TV, Press TV and the Islam Channel.

Available here £9.99 Paperback £19.99 Hardback
ISBN: 9781847741202

Find out more here.
Read the review from About Islam ‘One of the most fascinating Muslim personalities of our time.’ Imam Zaid Shakir

‘For many, this book will be the closest that they ever come to truly understanding why a western woman, steeped in the consumerist values of.. living amidst the glamour and giddy hedonism of life in the celebrity spotlight, might choose to turn to Islam.’ AboutIslam.net

'This book is a beautiful reminder of how Allah leads people to Islam in different ways. Booth spent a considerable part of her life feeling conflicted about her materialistic lifestyle at home and struggling to advance humanitarian causes abroad. She found herself drawn to Palestine again and again. And it is there, during the month of Ramadan, that the generosity of a Palestinian woman is what finally opens her heart to Islam.’ MuslimReads


The Qur’an and its Study

A contemporary exploration of Qur’anic studies, analysing the various approaches to the Qur’an taken by leading scholars through the centuries. In the course of five rich sections, Prof Adnan Zarzour considers an incredible range of topics including the nature of Qur’anic revelation, the history of the Qur’an’s compilation, an exploration of the Qur’an’s language, style and the nature of its stylistic inimitability and artistic features.

Take a look inside here

Available here £19.99 Paperback £39.99 Hardback
ISBN: 9780860377801


A Race to Prayer: Sulaiman’s Rewarding Day by Aliya Vaughan

Race to Prayer Book Cover Something always stops Sulaiman from having fun. First it’s Duhr prayer, then it’s the rain and then the car breaks down just as he is leaving to watch the quad bike races. He eventually gets to the races but then Asr prayer time comes around. Find out how Sulaiman soon realises the blessings of a perfectly-timed prayer.

Available here Kindle edition £3.00 Paperback
ISBN: 9780860376538

“It makes you satisfied that your child is learning Hadiths through stories and gaining Islamic knowledge rather than knowledge of things we may not like for them.” Read the full review here

Ibn Battuta: A Concise Life by Edoardo Albert
Journey through the medieval Muslim world and beyond with Ibn Battuta, the greatest traveller of his time. In this short biography you will discover how Ibn Battuta’s travels took him to nearly every part of the Muslim world at the time. Between 1325 CE when he set off from Morocco and 1354 CE when he finally returned home, he had visited about forty modern countries and travelled roughly 75,000 miles, going on foot, camel, horse, wagon, boat and even sled. Written in a simple style, with explanations, illustrations and images aplenty, this short book brilliantly narrates the life and times of Ibn Battuta.

Take a look inside here.
Available here £4.99 Paperback
ISBN: 9781847740472


Sahih Muslim Vol 1 with Commentary by Imam Nawawi and Translated by Adil Salahi

After the Qur’an, the prophetic traditions (Hadith) are the most recognised source of wisdom in Islam. These traditions offer readers down the ages a glimpse of Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and actions. Amongst the Hadith literature, Sahih Muslim is second only to the collection of Imam Bukhari, and is recognised by scholars of history and religion for its reliability. The hadith collection of Imam Muslim (d. 261CE/875AH), like that of Bukhari, has been the object of innumerable commentaries since its compilation. However, there is no doubt that one commentary stands out as the most authoritative—namely that of the great Damascene scholar and prolific author Imam al-Nawawi (d. 676CE/1277AH). Imam al-Nawawi’s commentary on Sahih Muslim is one of the most highly regarded works in Islamic thought and literature, and often referred to as a super-commentary. Accepted by every sunni school of thought, this text available for the first time in English, alongside the original Arabic text and translation of all the hadiths, is famed throughout the Muslim world.

Available here and take a look inside here.
£13.99 Paperback / £26.99 Hardback
ISBN: 9780860377962


Signs on the Earth; Islam, Modernity and the Climate Crisis by Fazlun Khalid

Our final publication for 2018 is by one of the world’s leading Muslim environmentalists, exploring what is perhaps the greatest threat humanity faces today, namely climate change. Fazlun Khalid has a worldwide reputation as an advocate of environmental protection rooted in religious traditions and is now recognised as one of fifteen leading eco-theologians in the world. He appeared on the Independent on Sunday list of the top 100 environmentalists in the UK in 2008 and is also listed amongst the “500 Most Influential Muslims in the World” by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre of Jordan. He founded the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IFEES) which is now established as the world’s leading Islamic environmental NGO.

Available here £12.99 Paperback / £24.99 Hardback
ISBN: 9781847740755

Thank you and Jazak’Allah Khair to all the book lovers and to throse who strive to learn more about Islam. We are eternally grateful to our authors, bookshops and readers who continue to support us! In Sha Allah, We pray we can continue to bring out dynamic and engaging books for Muslims in 2019 and beyond!