Journey to Jannah - Ramadan 2024


Join us this Ramadan with a travel themed pack, as a reminder of the transient nature of this world!

This all-in-one kit includes:
✨ A5 30-day checklist to plan and track your spiritual journey.
✨ Mark your passage through pages with a Boarding Pass Bookmark.
✨ A5 Quran memo pad (60 sheets) to jot down, key reminders or vocabulary.
✨ Inspiring Gate Cards  explaining the 8 gates of Jannah for daily reflection.
✨ 2 Travel Dua Cards
Passport to hold all the cards
Perfect for all ages to make Ramadan 2024 truly unforgettable!

Travel light, pray sincerely, and create lasting memories this Ramadan! Perfect for all ages.

"Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveller." (Bukhari)


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*Whilst stock lasts for Ramadan 2024.
The included cards are not pocket-sized and are intended for use as reminders or for interactive learning activities.