Judgement Day: Deeds That Light the Way - Omar Suleiman


So do not ask your Lord when the day of Judgment will be, but ask yourself what deeds have you prepared for that day. In every moment of the day of Judgment, from the moment you rise from their grave to when you take your place in the assembly.

From when you are brought forth to be held accountable by your Lord, to when you are taken to the scale for the scrolls to be weighed, from when you prepare to cross the bridge to your anticipated arrival at the gates of Paradise. There are good deeds that You have sent forth that will come to your aid. Deeds that will take you by your hand and testify on your behalf, that will settle your feet and shade you from the scorching heat. That will light your way in the darkness and guide you to the abode of eternal delight.




In this life, even an atom’s worth of good is accepted, if it is done with sincerity . In the hereafter, the whole world in gold will do one no good.



1. After One Dies
2. When the Trumpet Sounds
3. Attires of Honour or Humiliation
4. With Those Whom One Loves
5. When Allah Addresses the Gathering
6. Two Faces and One Tongue
7. Long Necks and Grey Hair
8. Under Which Banner?
9. Pulpits of Light
10. Under the Shade of Allah
11 When He Asks About One’s Prayer
12. Mountains and Mirages
13. One’s Limbs Will Testify
14. Justice for the Oppressed
15. Saved for Saving Others

16. Those Who Intercede 
17. Saved by Sūrahs
18. One’s Unanswered Duʿā’s
19. The Reward for One’s Patience
20. Deeds Performed Secretly
21. Heavy Words on One’s Scale
22. The Weight of One’s Character
23. The Deeds Worth Seven-Hundred and More
24. The Shahādah Card
25. Sincerity Shines and Hypocrisy Blinds
26. The Many Blessings of Wuḍū’
27. Crossing the Ṣirāṭ
28. Drinking from the Prophet’s صلى الله عليه وسلم Hands
29. Waiting at the Gates of Heaven
30. One’s Eternal Home


Judgement Day Deeds That Light the Way

9781847741974 - Hardback - 297p

Omar Suleiman is the Founder and President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and Professor of Islamic Studies at Southern Methodist University.