Secrets of Divine Love

The #1 international bestselling book, Secrets of Divine Love was written for the longing heart, for the one who is searching for something they have not been able to find. For the one who sometimes spirals into hopelessness and cannot help but feel too imperfect for a perfect God to love. This book is for the one who is at the edge of their faith, who has experienced religion as a harsh winter instead of the life-bearing spring it was sent to be by God.

Secrets of Divine Love serves as a compass and guiding light that returns you to the source of divine peace and surrender. Through the practices and pillars of Islam, you will learn how to unlock your spiritual potential and unveil your divine purpose. A. Helwa uses a rational, yet heart-based approach towards the Qur'an that not only enlightens the mind, but inspires the soul towards deeper intimacy with Allah. By weaving together dozens of inspiring mystical stories, Qur’an verses, Hadith, Rumi and Hafez poetry, psychology, and science, the author breaks down Islam in a way that is both digestible and inspiring for millennial Muslims.

'You are a microcosm of the macrocosm. You are a reflection of the entire universe, held in the embrace of clay. Allah is not in some faraway Heaven, He is with you in this very moment, no matter who you are or what you have done. Nothing is void of Him. Everything that has life is a reflection of His life. Everything that has an existence is a reflection of His oneness. As the fifteenth-century Indian poet Kabir said, “I laugh when I hear that the fish in the water is thirsty.” You already contain the very thing you are seeking. The path of Islam provides the framework to remove your limiting beliefs so that you are able to receive the love of God.

The names of Allah are already planted in the soil of your heart. Our work is to get out of the way of ourselves, by surrendering to Allah and allowing the light of His love and the rains of revelations and mercy to water our spirits. Heaven is not just a place we reach through death; it is a place we water inside ourselves. To live a life that is inspired is to live a life in spirit, in connection with your true essence and purpose in life. We are not called to only serve Allah for the sake of attaining a future Heaven—we are called to become a reflection of Heaven to live on Earth, by becoming a pure vessel of God’s loving qualities.'



About the Author

A. Helwa believes that every single person on Earth is deeply loved by the Divine. She is a writer who has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers through her passionate, poetic, and love-based approach to spirituality. Her popular blog @quranquotesdaily, was established while obtaining her Masters in Divinity, as a means of helping others overcome personal and spiritual struggles on their journey of experiencing divine love.

With over 15 years of experience writing and speaking on Islam and spiritual development, A. Helwa draws from her personal experiences and traditional sources to help her readers access 'Divine love in everyday life.'

When Helwa is not reading at coffee shops, she can be found climbing mountains, camping in deserts, hiking jungles, or reading about black holes.


Praise for Secrets of Divine Love


"I am simply entranced by A. Helwa's metaphors and insights. The bulk of her sentences are poetry in motion and studded with pearls of wisdom...The creative way Helwa has integrated her heart knowledge into her understanding of Islam is stunning."--IMAM JAMAL RAHMAN, Author of Spiritual Gems of Islam: Insights & Practices from the Qur'an, Hadith, Rumi & Muslim Teaching Stories to Enlighten the Heart & Mind

"This is a fascinating book that offers various profound insights and a vision of Islam--and indeed the Divine--that many readers will surely find enlightening and uplifting."--MOHAMMAD KHALIL, Professor of Islamic Studies at Michigan State University

"A marvelous book that gives a sound grasp of this great religion and nourishment to the heart we deeply need. This book is a source of majesty and beauty."--DR. FAWZIA AL-RAWI, Author of Divine Names: The 99 Healing Names of the One Love and Founder of the Center for Feminine Spirituality and Sufism

"The author's work has a special way of speaking to the heart. This reading offers exceptional spiritual nuances on the core of Islamic belief and practices. More than ever, we are in need of content like this that shines a luminous light on a faith that is frequently misunderstood."--SEYED MAHDI AL-QASWINI, Educator at Islamic Educational Center of Orange County

"This is simply a wonderful book, written with care and precision, weaving us into God's beautiful tapestry."--DR. NAZITA LAJEVARDI, Author of Outsiders at Home: The Politics of American



  1. Allah: The Origin of Love
  2. Who Are You?
  3. The Mysterious World of the Qur’an
  4. The Spiritual Dimensions of Islam
  5. Tawba: Repent and Return to Unity
  6. Shahadah: The Ecstasy of Oneness
  7. Salat: How to Tune Into Divine Love
  8. Zakat: Giving as an Instrument of God
  9. Ramadan: The Holy Month of Fasting
  10. Hajj: A Pilgrimage to God
  11. The Spiritual Secrets of Death
  12. The Mysteries of Heaven and Hell
  13. You Are Loved