The Character of the Muslim Woman

By Abd al-Hakim Abu Shuqqah - Translated by Adil Salahi


Part 1 of an 8 volume series, this author's abridged version of his longer work of the same title illustrates the status of the Muslim woman in Islam which differs from what is assumed in society today.

Prophet Muhammad (sws) established complete equality between men and women as he said, "Women are full sisters of men". Yet both have their respective special functions. This hadith establishes the basic principle of full equality between man and woman, with a measure of specialisation in certain areas.

This volume draws out the features of the Muslim woman's character as outlined in the Qur'an and Sunnah. It shows that much of what we imagine to be Islamic rulings are no more than social traditions.

Several studies identify that Islam gave women their independent status as well as equality with men. However, very little had been written on how this was implemented in real life. His review of the Hadith anthologies gave Abu Shuqqah the idea that a thorough study of the transformation the Prophet brought about in the status of women and in male-female relationships was needed and so he decided to undertake this task. Essentially, he hoped to highlight the role, status and activity of Muslim women during the Prophet’s lifetime and how women’s emancipation was duly fulfilled.
This book takes Muslims back to the way charted by the Prophet (peace be upon him), adding nothing  and leaving nothing out. It is a book of documents, written by a scholar who is rich in knowledge, keen to present his faith in its true colours.

Abd al-Haleem Abu Shuqqah (d.1995) was a great teacher and scholar. He had a real passion to revive the true Islamic spirit in the ummah and dedicated his life to learning and teaching. He taught in Egypt, Syria, Qatar and Kuwait. His particular focus was on Hadith studies.

The Character of the Muslim Woman: Women's Emancipation during the Prophet's Lifetime - Volume 1 - 9781847741462 

Published By Kube Publishing, 2021