The Islamic Establishment - Leicester

The Islamic Establishment is a world renowned bookstore founded in 1996 at the heart of the Muslim community in Leicester. Prior to the opening of the store, we begun with the publication of an Islamic Magazine for children named ‘Al-Atfaal’. Being one of the first of its kind, the popular children's magazine was sought after by Muslims all across the UK, becoming a huge success.

This indicated the demand for Islamic literature amongst the British Muslim community, and encouraged us to expand. A small bookshop - The Islamic Establishment was thus opened with an aim to provide the community with resources as Muslims in the UK.


More than 25 years later, The Islamic Establishment celebrates the valuable services it provides to the local, national and international community. Our quaint little store has evolved into the largest Islamic store in Leicester, becoming an importer, exporter, wholesaler and distributor of Islamic Merchandise throughout the United Kingdom. Well-known for our large wall of books, our store is a home to over 5000 titles from numerous authors and publishers across the Muslim world. The business also stocks a wonderful range of products alongside the books; perfumes, gifts, health products, clothing, toys and more, from all around the world.


Today, The Islamic Establishment is a global shopping experience. It celebrates diverse cultures from all around the Muslim world, under one roof. Enter the shop to enjoy the aroma of Persian perfumes, be amazed at handcrafted Indian ornaments, tickle your taste buds with Palestinian dates and delicacies from Saudi Arabia, enjoy the sound of beats with the Moroccan daff, or decorate your wall with the art of the Egyptian papyrus.

Turn your kitchen Turkish, with magnificent Turkish tea sets and lanterns, or customise your home with a beautifully embroidered prayer mat, personalised with your name. Pray using the textured Sudanese prayer beads and taste the benefits of natural Ethiopian herbal foods. Engross yourself in an adventure with a read from our vast library of books, or simply have a chat with one of our friendly staff!


The Islamic Establishment – a unique global shopping experience

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