Tips to buy age appropriate books for your children

The books that enlighten us about our faith, Allah (swt), Prophets (sws), and their teachings are typically called Islamic books. It is best to encourage children to get a better understanding of their faith from the early years. There are a myriad of books for children, which are written for their level.

Most books suggest an age range to make it easier for parents, but that is not always a very reliable because it depends on your child's ability. Some book stores like Kube Publishing, builders books have booksellers who can suggest books age appropriate books, but if you're unsure here are a few tips for buying books for your children according to their age.


Do a Background Check
You need to know more about the content of a book before your child chooses it. Read reviews online and ask for advice from teachers, librarians, or other parents. You may also check a resource such as book blogs that provide honest reviews. Likewise it's important to make sure the book uses authentic sources.

Child’s reading level
Every child is different. Some readers fall below the normal reading level for their age or grade, while an advanced reader may be several levels ahead. Difficulty varies within reading levels as well as within vocabulary range. If the book uses many figurative language, metaphors, idioms, or hyperbole, it will be more challenging to understand than other books using simpler vocabulary.

Check a Random Page
Make your child read a random page of the book at the book store. If he/she is comfortable, happy and can understand the words and content, then the book is worth buying. But if there are a few words with which children are unfamiliar because they are specific to Islam, double check the glossary at the back.

Size and Font
Something as simple as the font can get easily overlooked by adults, which is very important for children. No parent would want to put a strain on their children’s eyesight while reading. So, choose bigger fonts for children, so it does not affect their eyes and smaller books for children so they can hold it easily.

Colourful and Imaginative Stories
Books having pictures and colours in them are more attractive. Children love colours and photos. To attract a child towards a book or reading, it is ideal to choose a book with relevant colourful pictures and text. Choose books that promote imagination in children. It will help develop easy cognitive thinking in children from an early age. It will also help them in understanding problem-solving at the right time. Islamic history has such inspiring stories that can enhance creative and imaginative ideas in children.

Lessons and Morals

Islamic books with morals of truth and the right path are very beneficial for children of every age. Buy books that teach the truth in every life situation and stay on the right path in every challenge or difficulty. Try choosing the books which also give lessons on helping others, supporting the family, and reading the Qur'an.


While buying the book for your child, remember to keep in mind the language he/she is comfortable in. So, when it comes to choosing a book for your children, buy good books and especially buy those that your children will enjoy and learn from as they are comfortable reading it. Children who love reading at an early age often become life-long readers, who make good literature a part of their lives.

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