Turning The Tide with Suma Din

'I remember flipping through the chapters and finding the words profound and wise, but it wasn’t until I got married later that same year that they *really* spoke to me. I had entered a bewildering new phase of my life and it was reassuring to have this voice quietly anchoring my experiences to my spiritual beliefs. 
Turning the Tide is a book to hold your hand as you go through life; feeding your soul with Quranic inspiration and soothing your heart. This is the latest edition and I know I’ll be turning to these pages again and again' @Asma_Scribendi -bookstagrammer  
'What I particularly love about this book is the unique structure. Each chapter has been mapped out beautifully with different layers: 
- Introduction & Myriad Voices 
- Quranic verses 
- Hadith 
- Dua's 
- Noble Women 
These different elements add depth to the book and do a wonderful job at inviting the reader to contemplate their faith and to worship her Lord with excellence. 
The book truly does inspire readers to reawaken their hearts and souls. 
This book is a celebration of womanhood. I would highly reccomend it to all women, regardless of faith.' @fiqhforfemales 
'🌸 Exquisite piece of writing, there i said it!

🌸 Every chapter tackles specific stage of a woman’s journey in this world and with its own curated recipe, serves to nourish our soul, to bring comfort to our heart and to gain closeness to our Creator.

🌸 The book has everything from fictional voices, lyrical poetry, wealth verses of Quran and Du’as as well as Authentic ahadith. The final layer of each chapter, is my most favourite section, where it lays a moving and successful story of a righteous woman during prophethood and every story is related to the topic being discussed in the chapter.

🌸 Spiritually heartwarming, rejuvenating & empowering. Definitely a piece that should be well appreciated by all Muslim women of all ages.' Fifi Marissa, Bookstagrammer



Turning The Tide by Suma Din

Hardback - 9780860377580