Journey To Jannah with Kube

"Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveler." (Bukhari)

Embark on a seamless Ramadan journey with our travel themed pack!
The full pack includes:
  • Boarding Pass Bookmark
  • Ramadan 30-day checklist itinerary
  • Qur'an Tracker60 Sheet Memo Pad
  • 8 Gate-Cards - learn about the 8 gates to Jannah
  • 1 Travel Dua Card
  • Passport to hold the cards

Travel light, pray sincerely, and create lasting memories this Ramadan! Ideal for all ages.

This pack is free for all orders over £30 before and during Ramadan 2024. Whilst stock lasts! Alternatively purchase a pack here.

Our "Passport" keeps everything conveniently at hand. Including a boarding-pass bookmark.

*card are not pocket size.