Praise for Show Up - A Motivational Message for Muslim Women

 "I was so overwhelmed with emotion and started sobbing three pages in. I appreciate Na’ima sharing a love story that will - insha Allah - continue in the heavens above. " – Selina Bakkar, Founder, Amalia

“Through a deeply personal narrative of her own journey after the death of her husband, Na'ima B. Robert inspires Muslim women to gather the resources available to them so they can be the heroine in their stories and show up as victors. 'Show Up' is a powerful testimony of the beauty that's possible when you choose to rise in the face of life's challenges as a heroine in your life story.” ­– LaYinka Sanni, Host, Honest Tea Talk

“I read ‘Show Up’ in exactly 3 hours! When I decided to read it the morning I received it, my intention was just to get started, however, the writing style was so beautiful, the message so straight to the point and the actionable takeaways were so clearly outlined, I couldn’t stop. It’s about time someone gave us the wake up call! And who better than one who is already living the truth she is inviting others to?” – Aishah Adams, Author, ‘Rise, Irrespective’ CEO, The Support Lounge

"Naima brings out our dynamism by letting us see her (usually invisible) fragility. I was crying by page ten and ready to take on the world a chapter later! This is a boost in times of global fear and personal challenges!" – Lauren Booth, Author ‘Finding Peace in the Holy Land’ and ‘Accidentally Muslim

“Finally. Finally a motivational self-help, self-care book written for the Muslim woman, with Islamic references and stories intricately woven in. This gives it beautiful depth. Naima B. Robert has written an insightful book, full of raw vulnerability, sharing her own deeply personal stories and experiences. This book reads like a love-letter to the sisterhood of Muslim women to inspire her to “...choose courage over fear”. It takes the reader on a reflective journey that lights a fire of hope for whichever life stage she’s at, and for situations she has faced or is facing.  It guides her on how to ‘show up’ authentically with an easy to follow, step-by-step process. This is a must-read for any Muslim woman ready to be present as a hero in her life, and for any woman trying to find the courage to do so.” As Robert asks “Now is the time for it, if not now, then when? And, if not you, then who?”Tumkeen, Writer and Poet, Contributing Writer for Detroit Mom and Lansing Mom 


Show Up by Na'ima B. Robert is Available on Amazon