Praise for Turning The Tide

“A deeply poignant and meaningful book, that will take the soul on a journey of reflection and spiritual rejuvenation. The verses of the Qur’an and important life lessons that Suma Din opens our eyes to, will be as soul-quenching for today’s generation as they were for the previous.” 

Sheikha Fatima Barkatulla

"Turning the Tide by Suma Din is a spiritually stirring, intellectually engaging and emotionally refreshing and gratifying work. For it awakens us out of our materialistic slumber to reflect on the numerous, life ennobling signs of Allah, to reorient us to our relationship with our Lord and Creator and to revitalize in us the meaning and purpose of life.

At one level, it recounts in a vivid and moving way the various phases in a woman’s life. Symbolically and dexterously the story of a woman’s life is interwoven with the account of water, the source of life. The creative and comforting roles of both are enunciated as Allah’s bounties which we should acknowledge with utmost gratitude. So, at another level, this exquisite work serves as dhikr (remembrance of Allah), hamd (praise of Allah) and tasbih (glorification of Allah). Needless to add it would be read with much benefit for it rejuvenates our faith and nourishes our spirit."

Professor Abdur Raheem Kidwai, Author of the Daily Wisdom Series

"Turning the Tide is written in a poetic and gentle way weaving in verses of the Qur’an and hadith alongside stories from the life of some of Islam's greatest female role models. Suma Din does a wonderful job inviting the reader to contemplate their faith in a deeper way through poetry, prose, and supplications."

A. Helwa, Author of Best selling book Secrets of Divine Love

"A beautifully written spiritual journey of a woman’s life from birth to death."

Maryam Jameelah, Author, Journalist

"A Book small in size and great in wisdom."

Dr. Kristin Kanzari, Researcher in Gender Studies

"This [book] is much needed in the current times as many of the Muslim victims I support think Islam supports their oppression, which is clearly wrong. It is a brilliant book."

Maryam Cairns, Founder of Muslim Survivor of Domestic Violence

"You will find yourself reaching out for this book in whatever difficulty or emotional turbulence you may be facing. It will serve as a spiritual guidebook to help one navigate through various stages of life."

Safura Houghton, Muslim Chaplain, Founder of The Lantern Initiative

"Turning the Tide is a lovely book that floats through the various seasons of a woman's life with gentleness and joy. Suma Din has collected verses, quotes, poems, and stories into categories that encourage the reader to think about her life stages. Whether you are thinking about birth or death, marriage or youthful energy you will find a lovely wave to ride in this lovely collection."

Dr. Tamara Gray, Executive Director & Chief Spirituality Officer, Rabata

"I read the first edition of 'Turning the Tide' many years ago. The myriad of voices spoke to me then, as a young woman searching for her own voice, and they speak to me now, the voices of so many women, in harmony with my voice. Suma has beautifully interwoven her own deeply soulful voice in this text; words that flow from heart to heart, reawakening the myriad of voices in the reader. A stirring read, a spiritual journey."

Waheeda Islam, Psychotherapist and Operations Coordinator for Nour Domestic Violence Charity

"16 years ago, I was blessed with the gift of coming across 'Turning The Tide'. I was a new Muslim of 5 years and had given birth to my first child. Reading through this deep ocean of spiritual literary brilliance, I found beauty, comfort and most importantly an invitation to a renewed relationship between my soul and her Lord. My soul had embarked upon a journey in choosing Islam. My body had endured a physical journey in becoming a mother. Turning The Tide was then, and still very much is today, a soothing balm, a celebration of womanhood and a special invitation to worship Allah with excellence.

The call to spirituality flows throughout the book as elegantly as the author has used the metaphor of water. This, coupled with the way the author sanctifies each stage of a woman's life, makes it relatable and applicable to all - regardless of age, race or life's circumstances.

The authentic experience of the believing woman is honoured and the author then compassionately encourages us to aim for The Most High, Allah, through dua, words from our Lord and advice from His Messenger (saaw).

We are provided with a celebration of our unique experience and at the same time we are encouraged to become better, stronger and most importantly closer to Allah. This makes 'Turning The Tide' the deep ocean of spiritual beauty that it is.

Reading it 16 years later, there's so much more I've taken from it. I'm older, my children are older. I'm no longer a new Muslim. But I'm still a believing woman. Alhamdulillah. It's a book to read at the different stages of your life. I invite all to dive in and be ready to be delighted."

Umm Raiyaan, Founder and CEO of Solace, Co-Host of Honest Tea Talk

"In Suma's 'Turning the Tide' she combines a unique way of a woman's journey with her poetic flair. If you're looking for a book that allows you to feel - then this is for you. I hope every woman is able to resonate with this through its apt hadiths, Quranic verses, poems, and personal touch. The concept of the book was nothing like I've read before and I was left feeling inspired by Suma who ultimately realigned our purpose within the book, allowing us to see our journey through a new lens." 

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Turning the Tide - Reawakening the Woman's Heart and Soul 

Hardback - 9780860377580