#ReadInRamadan - 2018

Ramadan is approaching or is already here or has past (depending on when you’re reading this) and here at Kube we would like to continue to encourage more people to read as well as share what you’re reading during this blessed month.

The #ReadInRamadan is used to encourage people, businesses and other publishers to share and talk about which books are inspiring them and to give more books as gifts during Ramadan or for Eid. As our communities strive to seek knowledge and reflect on the wisdom of Islam, we want to celebrate the increasing number of books available on Islam and the Muslim experience, and what better way to do this than by giving a book as a gift.

Reading can aid reflection, broaden understanding and ultimately enhance your experience of this holy month. By carefully choosing some books to read alongside the Qur’an, you can also make Ramadan a transformational time to uplift your spirit and strengthen your belief. Books are also a great way of introducing Ramadan to your children, as they provide the perfect platform for shared discussion and contemplation in an enjoyable and engaging way.

We want you to use the hashtag #ReadInRamadan and tell us what is on your reading or gift list!

Got a Kube book on your wishlist? You can WIN one for free! We’ve got giveaways to announce throughout the month of Ramadan on social media.

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