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Revive Your Heart
Putting Life in Perspective

Nouman Ali Khan

Revive Your Heart

Revive Your Heart is a call for spiritual renewal and an invitation to have a conversation with one of the world’s most recognisable voices on Islam, Nouman Ali Khan.

This collection of essays is disarmingly simple, yet it challenges us to change— to revise our actions, our assumptions, and our beliefs so we can be transformed from within, as well as externally. It aims to help modern Muslims maintain a spiritual connection with Allah and to address the challenges facing believers today: the disunity in the Muslim community, terrorists acting in the name of Islam, and the disconnection with Allah.

These challenges and more are tackled by Nouman Ali Khan, with his profound engagement with the Qur’an, in his trademark voice that is sought out by millions of Muslims on a daily basis.


'Revive Your Heart: Putting Life in Perspective will rejuvenate your heart and realign your perspective as long as you are willing to commit to the Qur’an and your deen. You will be discovering novel aspects of this dunya and developing new ways to look at things. What can be more productive than that?Productive Muslim

'I really felt like reading Revive Your Heart became a brief period amongst the assignment deadlines every week where I could spend valuable time reflecting on myself, my behaviour towards those around me and most importantly, my connection to God' PardonMyWritings

'Simply put, it's just awesome. Everyone needs a positive outlook on life. This is one of those books that you must read just to keep you focused and positive in life. There's so much negativity in today's world and although, most of what is written is pure instinct and common sense, there's that reassurance that, you are not alone and not the only one that feels so helpless. It's a book with a simple message of just putting things in perspective and making the most of what you have and how to deal with difficult situations. Also it's a great book to help muslims deal with the changing circumstances we live and how we can change our own perspectives rather than giving up.' SmilingFlowers

'Nouman speaks about different Ayas of the Quran and explains them, not only translating them but giving historical context and clarifying the linguistics so that we can understand what each verse is saying and how it can help us.' Miriam, Goodreads

'Great book really does capture you and pull you in to thinking about life and what and how you make it. Made me think a lot about the way I am and is life changing in a positive way Alhamdulillah. Really does bring the heart to life.' Linzi, Amazon

'I love learning from Nouman Ali Khan (NAK) because he focuses on the fundamentals, commandments derived from the Quran. Reading this book was a lot like listening to him via his YouTube channel, maybe even better for someone who prefers the written word as a form of learning. It is an easy read, but one that you can keep revisiting. And just like through his videos, I find that I connect with Quranic verses so much more because NAK explains the context behind their revelations while also drawing parallels to our lives.' Sarah, Goodreads

This book sees him discuss a broad range of issues that includes spirituality, family, friends, politics, identity, parenting and much more, making it ideal for any Muslim looking for a book of guidance.

Popular Quotes

'So, if I find, and if you find yourself being lazy, then you have to ask whether or not your beliefs in the afterlife are concrete enough.'

'Contemporary culture asks us to think of death as the ultimate conclusion to what should be a hedonistic existence, while our deen teaches us that death is only the beginning of our true lives.'

'The real test of leadership is not when your followers are following you; the real test of leadership is when your followers disappoint you.'


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Nouman Ali Khan is recognised as one of the world's most influential Muslims, not only in the West. His deep and profound bond with the Qur'an, the Muslim holy book, is at the heart of his work and the focus of his teachings, which manage to reach out to millions of Muslims, from many different countries. He has millions of followers on Facebook. Millions of viewers watch him on YouTube and thousands of students throughout the world are signed up to his courses.