Strength from Within during the Genocide in Gaza

It is overwhelmingly agonizing to witness what is occurring in Gaza that it is unfathomable to know what it is like to experience it first hand. It is undeniable that during this time we have to find the strength from within, not just to survive, but to also work against the genocide. Our efforts may seem futile. This feels debilitating to the extent of us feeling weak and powerless. There, therefore, comes the question on how can we derive the inner-strength to continuously strive.

It is during this time I could not help but reflect on the general mannerisms of the people of Gaza during this catastrophe. There are lessons to be obtained and their general mindset is what we should strive to embody as believers.

Here are 3 steps we can learn from the people of Gaza when it comes to deriving strength from within:

1. In the midst of calamity, repeating of the phrase ‘Allah is sufficient and He is the best disposer of affairs’—Hasbunallah wa ni’mal-Wakil حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

Some people of Gaza have demonstrated turning to Allah (SWT) and relying on Him when going through calamity. There was a video of brother sharing how he recently lost many of his family members. He kept repeating the phrase and was trying his best to accept Allah (SWT)’s decree. His focus was on Allah (SWT) to cope with his grief. What stunned me was how he continuously walked repeating this phrase and declaring it louder each time. He was not still but moving. He was trying his best to carry on.

It is more possible to carry on when we focus on Allah (SWT) and ask Him to handle all of our affairs. There is serenity in knowing that everything is in Allah (SWT)’s hands especially when the calamities that we are facing are out of our hands.


2. Refrain from blaming Allah (SWT)—call out to leaders and the ummah

It is easy to wonder when Allah (SWT)’s help will come especially when undergoing severe forms of injustices. The continuous acts of oppression can lead one to feel abandoned by Allah (SWT). It is easier in this scenario to blame Allah (SWT) because of no apparent aid.

There are many people of Gaza sharing their accounts of what they have experienced and not once have I heard any of them blaming Allah (SWT). They, however, call out to leaders and the Muslim ummah as these are their rights. If there is anyone to blame, it would be the inaction of those in power, and those in the position to stop this.

It is more possible to continuously have strength from within if we are not afraid to use our voice. All human beings have needs, and all have the right to voice, especially when undergoing any form of injustice. I would consider it worrying if one stops voicing when going through oppression, because the moment we do, it is easier to slip into defeat. If there is something wrong, we must say that it is wrong, because that it is an act of strength. The same applies for those witnessing injustice even if not personally experiencing it themselves. No matter how futile our efforts may seem, we should always acknowledge a form of injustice, and actively side with the oppressed.

There is strength in this.

We see how Allah (SWT) ultimately aids especially through the example of Prophet Musa (AS).

3. Joy as an act of resistance

Social media is buzzed with the phrase ‘joy as an act of resistance,’ when attributing the people of Palestine. This started after there were some videos of Palestinians finding glimpses of joy, despite the genocide, and saying that this is a form of resistance. This demonstrates that they do not take any minuscule blessing for granted. They are inherently grateful to Allah (SWT), and are not just trying to survive, but live.

It is sometimes hard to find joy especially when knowing of the severe forms of injustice faced by our brothers and sisters in Palestine. We, however, have to find strength in the little joys in life that are especially in favor of freeing Palestine. This could be the joy of there being more awareness and support from the wider community, or the fact that aid was received, and meaningful phone call made. We cannot succumb to despair if we want to ultimately thrive. We have to thrive in order for the end goal of finding inner-strength to work towards a free Palestine.


Written by the author of ‘Strength from Within,’ Sa’diyya Nesar


Strength from Within - Sa’diyya Nesar