Turning Back to Allah - Sulaiman's Caving Calamity


Turning Back to Allah
Sulaiman’s Caving Calamity
By Aliya Vaughan


Turning Back to Allah is an exciting story for children about a young Muslim boy who learns the importance of sincere du’a and reliance on Allah by turning back to Him at all times and asking for help and forgiveness.

Sulaiman’s Caving Calamity is the second in a series of stories about the adventures of a young Muslim boy. Also available ‘A Race to Prayer’

Sulaiman is looking forward to exploring inside deep, dark caves on his Scout trip…or is he? Once he is inside the cave, he has to overcome one of his biggest fears.

A disaster happens and he has to turn to Allah for help. Sulaiman learns the importance of performing good deeds sincerely for the sake of Allah and to repent for any bad deeds he may have done.

Includes guidance on the etiquette of Dua, special times when to make duas as well as discussion points for parents.

Ideal for children aged 7-9


Turning Back to Allah: Sulaiman’s Caving Calamity - Aliya Vaughan

Illustrated by Rakiya Azzouz

9780860378402 - Paperback - Middle Grade Fiction

Published by Kube Publishing