What Qur'an should you read?

At Kube we offer a range of Qur'ans with a variety of translators and commentators. Scroll below to take a look at what we have to offer if you're not sure what Qur'an you'd like to purchase. Click here to look at our list of Qur'anic related texts.
21st century Qur'an:
Adil Salahi’s translation attempts to put the meanings of the Qur’an in clear modern English, making it easier for the twenty-first century reader to gather the full message of the Qur’an, without having to read numerous footnotes or resort to books of commentary.
We offer two sets of Tafsir (Commentary of the Qur'an), 'In the shade of the Qur'an' by Sayyid Qutub and 'Towards understanding the Qur'an' by Mawdudi. 
Towards Understanding the Qur'an (Abridged Commentary)
Towards Understanding the Quran – Abridged version is a fresh English rendering of Tafhul Quran by Sayyid Mawdudi. Here is a work with a difference, by a scholar of an entirely different sort. An immense wealth of profound understanding of the Quran is here, a vast treasure of knowledge and deep insight, and a valuable exposition of some social, political, economic and legal teachings of the Quran
Available as a paperback, hardback and pocket sized.
The Glorious Qur'an
The Glorious Qur’an is an abridged edition of Abdul Majid Daryabadi’s Tafsir al-Qur’an, recognized for its meticulous English translation of the Arabic original and the use of comparative religion, anthropology, and history in its authoritative commentary of the Koran. Another valuable element of the work is the education it provides—its life-giving articles of faith, its life-sustaining teachings and its life-enriching worldview in a manner best suited for the English speaking world.
Gracious Qur'an
This masterful interpretation of the Quran is the outcome of untold efforts, spanning more than two decades. It is a modern-phrased translation into English, by a respected American scholar, contained in a beautiful gift box. (Available in multiple colours)