eBook guide

A quick primer on downloading eBooks! 

Our eBooks are downloaded as an ePub file. Your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet requires an eReader to view the file. More info on epub files can be found here.



  • Log in to our website 
  • Click the profile icon on the top right (on the left to the search button)
  • Click on the web order no. where you've bought eBooks
  • Click on the eBook title (the name of the book) to download your eBooks

Note: if titles don't immediately appear, wait a few seconds and refresh the page


On mobile you can find your orders and download your eBook once you've logged in. You may require an eReader app depending on your phone make and model (some phones can open ePub files without the need to download a third party app.)


Please note: we don't offer refunds for eBooks as they are provided by a 3rd party system.

Although eBook files are not great in size we recommend that you download your eBook over WiFi or check your data allowance with your mobile network provider to ensure you have enough data.

If you're having issues with your current browser, we highly recommend using 'view as desktop' when downloading your eBook or using another browser.

If you require further support please email admin(@)kubepublishing(.com)