New Books - November 2020


This November brings new books to reflect on!

Turning The Tide (Revised edition)
Reawakening the Woman’s Heart and Soul
By Suma Dina

A book on the journey and different stages of a woman's life, from the inception of the soul to the end of life on Earth. With contemporary thoughts, words of wisdom, guidance and inspiration. Suma Din is an author of children’s and adult’s titles. Her educational publications support Religious Education and Global Citizenship whilst her adult titles focus on spirituality and motherhood.

£9.99 ▪ PB ▪ 9780860377580

My First Iqra - Learn the Arabic Alphabet

By Orin Azizah – Board Book

A fun-filled, colourful, interactive book where children can learn and practice the Arabic alphabet in an interactive way. Use your finger to trace the alphabets or use the wipe and clean option to practice. Once mastered the alphabet, you can then learn the various vowels before the next stage of learning a few Arabic words.

£5.99 ▪ Board Book ▪ 9780860377788

Women In Islam

What the Qur'an and Sunnah Say

By Abdur Raheem Kidwai

A compilation of quotations from the Qur'an and Hadith collections that address women specifically. It engages the reader in a moment of reflection on the Islamic view of womanhood: her existence as a creation of Allah, her role as a positive stakeholder in building a God-conscious society and her capacity for attaining proximity with Allah.


Miracles of the Prophets (Card Game)

Miracles of the prophets Card Game creates a fun and entertaining way to learn about the prophets of Islam and there miracles with your family and friends. £10.99

2-5 Players. Age 5+.

63 Cards:
• 4 Instruction Cards
•43 Miracle Cards
•16 Prophet Cards (All cards have been referenced from the Quran and Sunnah)

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