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Ramadan is here, as most of us are working from home or staying safe at home, now is the perfect time to turn to books for a much needed relief and solace during this difficult period.

Our aim at Kube Publishing, is to encourage people of all backgrounds to engage and learn about Islam from our books, to help you during this period we are now offering the following 14 eBooks for £0.99 during the month of Shaban.

"The word of wisdom is the lost property of the believer. Wherever he finds it, he is most deserving of it.” Sunan al-Tirmidhī 2687

Please share the khair and keep those who are inflicted in your duas!

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Tazkiyah, self-development, lies at the core of Islamic life. Success in this life and the next depends very much on it. There are many works in Islamic literature on the subject of self-development, written from a variety of angles. This anthology has been compiled to meet the need for self-development from an authentic Islamic perspective.

This book invites Muslims and non-Muslims to acquaint themselves with the prophet's practice and teachings, his Sunnah, first hand. Relying exclusively upon authenticated and well-known collections of hadith literature, this book presents a close-up and composite picture of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (sws), described in the Qur'an as the best model for humanity.
This work is intended to help readers gain a clear idea of the Qur'anic worldview, particularly the articles of Islamic faith, God-man relationship, religious duties and Islamic value system, bringing into sharper focus the God-oriented life as prescribed by Islam.

Sharing Eden sets out to show how respect for the environment is at the heart of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
This introductory handbook combines beautiful and enlightening texts from each faith's religious teachings to address some of the most prominent environmental issues faced today, such as waste, climate change, and biodiversity. Each author brings a contemporary focus to the eternal challenge of caring for the environment and provides practical advice on how we can all do our share to protect it.

This volume of Sayyid Qutb's tafsir, commentary on the Qur'an, covers Surahs 78–114. This part of the Qur'an is known as Juz Amma and is made up of the shorter chapters that focus on the importance of belief, the afterlife, and the nature of God and His endless mercy.

This guidebook is an excellent reference for average readers on the concept, objectives, nature and principles underlying zakat (charity) in Islam.

Imam al-Ghazali explores the meaning and significance of fraternity in Islam in this brilliant essay from his seminal work, The Revival of the Religious Sciences, which covers material assistance, personal aid, holding one's tongue, speaking out, forgiveness, loyalty, sincerity, and informality.

The first group of Surahs (al-Fatihah, al-Baqarah, al 'Imran, al-Nisa' and al-Ma'idah) are introduced and examined in this volume, with the author looking at their structure and major themes.

 Children's Books


Ideal for children aged 7-11

Who have been the Muslim world's most influential people? What were their ideas, thoughts, and achievements? In one hundred short and engaging profiles of these extraordinary people, fourteen hundred years of the vast and rich history of the Muslim world is unfolded. For anyone interested in getting an intimate view of Islam through its kings and scholars, generals and sportsmen, architects and scientists, and many others—this is the book for you.

Among those profiled are the Prophet Muhammad, the Caliph Umar, Imam Husain, Abu Hanifa, Harun al-Rashid, al-Khwarizmi, al-Ghazali, Saladin, Rumi, Ibn Battuta, Ataturk, Iqbal, Ayatollah Khomeini, Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali.
A popular history book that covers eight hundred years of the history of Islam in Bengal through the example of forty two inspirational men and women up until the twentieth century. Written by the author of the bestselling The Muslim 100.
Included are the prominent figures Shah Jalal, Nawab Abdul Latif, Rt. Hon. Syed Ameer Ali, Sir Salimullah Khan Bahadur, and Begum Rokeya.


This concise biography provides an inspiring introduction to the exemplary personality of the Prophet of Islam. This was the last book written by the late Khurram Murad.


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